Ho Sau: Poetic Photography of Daily Life
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About Ho Sau

Ho Sau was born in 1925 in Guangzhou and studied in Hong Kong as a child. Ho Sau was diligent and has a love for the arts. Although the war has interrupted his studies, it has not deterred his pursuit for the photographic arts. Beginning in the 50s he began taking up photography as a hobby.

Stretched between work and family, Ho Sau was unable to travel around and photograph scenery and models like a professional photographer would do. He turned his focus to the general public and the city scenes, and through a pictorial photography style he added a sense of truth, kindness and beauty. To his documentary photos he also added poetic verses of his own, creating a unique blend of “poetic photography” that presented the many facets of the social life of Hong Kong.

Ho Sau has for numerous times adjudicated for salon photography contests. His work was also awarded numerous times in overseas salon photography contests. His story tells us: anyone can pursuit a life of art.