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From 1938 to 1974, the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong (CMA) had organized 31 exhibitions of locally made products, to promote the industrial products manufactured in Hong Kong to local citizens and overseas buyers.

This collection organizes materials of the exhibitions from 1938 to 1974. The materials compiled and organized here include event booklets published by the organizer and various other sources, such as photographs, radio programmes and video. The Collection also contains relevant materials taken from the newspapers, private collections, and oral history interviews. These sources document the changes of the products exhibitions before and after the Second World War, as well as the industrial developments in Hong Kong.

This well-known event offers a platform for manufacturers to promote their products. It also serves as a large-scale leisure activity for the general public. The exhibitions have become a collective memory for anyone who have participated in it, including the event organizers, the manufacturers, the exhibitors and visitors from all walks of life. Spanning a period from the 1930s to 1970s, the exhibitions have witnessed the growth and success of the industrial sector in Hong Kong, and presented an economic and social profile of the city.

The exhibitions were given slightly different names over the years:
Exhibition of Chinese Products (1938-1950)
Exhibition of Hong Kong Products (1951-1974)
Hong Kong Brands and Products Exhibition (1994-now)

As most of the time "Hong Kong Products" is adopted by the event organizer to name the Exhibitions, the collection is so named to reflect this aspect of the history. In the story text and metadata of material items, when a particular exhibition is referred to, the name is adopted from the title of the official publication by CMA for this particular exhibition. In most other circumstances, “exhibition” is used as a common name. Details of the changes are given under “History of Exhibitions”.

The English name of CMA, the exhibition organiser, has undergone some changes too. At its inception, it was called “Chinese Manufacturers’ Union” for a few years and was renamed “Chinese Manufacturers’ Association of Hong Kong” shortly after the War. For simplicity, the author uses “CMA” as the abbreviation of the organizer throughout the collection, but the old name was used when referred to the organizer in the early years.