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Amoy Canning

Amoy was founded in 1908 in the city of Xiamen in Fujiian Province. In 1928, the company expanded its business to Hong Kong and began producing canned foods, sauces, and sweetened ginger. Initially it was named Amoy Canning Corporation (H.K.) Ltd. and renamed Amoy Food Ltd. in more recent years. Amoy Food Ltd. was a regular participant in the exhibitions during the early years, and had been displaying its products since the First Exhibition of Chinese Products. The company was then named Xiamen Amoy Food Ltd. and was awarded the special award in the quality industrial product category.

After WWII, Amoy set up a booth in the 6th Exhibition of Chinese Products in 1948, and nominated its staff to participate in the “Miss. Preserved Ginger” contest. Subsequently every year, the company set up booths to display and sell its products. During this period, Amoy built large, eye-catching booths in the exhibitions which have attracted Governor Sir Alexander Grantham and Murray MacLehose to visit the booths. In the 1960s and 1970s, the unique booth design of Amoy has enabled it to win several booth design awards at the 21st (1963-1964), 26th (1968-1969), 27th (1969-1970), 28th (1971-1972) exhibitions.


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