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Disputes on National Flags

The opening ceremony of each industrial products exhibition features a flag-raising ceremony. It is presided over by the chairman and staff. The Exhibition of Chinese Products organized from 1938 to 1949 had on display flags of the Republic of China, the British national flag and the flag of the Chinese Manufacturers’ Union (the older name of CMA).

In 1949, the communist party rose to power and founded the People’s Republic of China. The CMA faced a dilemma of whether a national flag should be raised for the 7th exhibition; but because the British government has yet to officially recognize the communist regime, there was widespread debate within the association, manufacturers and the press about whether a national flag should be raised for the exhibition, and which flags should be hoisted. In the end, CMA decided against raising any a national flag for the exhibition. Only CMA flag would be hoisted. The national anthem was also replaced by a traditional piece of Chinese music entitled “Zuotangcui”.

After the 7th Exhibition of Chinese Products, public controversy over the issue of the national flag continued. During the preparation of the 10th Exhibition of Hong Kong Products, newspaper editorials were still criticizing CMA for refusing to raise the Chinese national flag. The exhibitions that followed also raised only CMA flag and British national flag.


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