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Hong Kong is a modern city, a wide range of traditional Chinese festivals are still being celebrated. While many of the festivals for gods and ghosts had faded out in Chinese communities in many places other than Hong Kong, the city remains one of the few places in the world to watch these fascinating Chinese folk customs dating back to the Qing Dynasty.

There are the noisy, colourful public festivals such as the Lunar New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival, or spectacular birthday celebrations for popular gods; there are festivals based mainly on a certain district, and others associated with religious institutions. Hong Kong has a diversity of Chinese festivals despite its small area. Hardly a month passes without two or three major occasions that large numbers of people feel bound to celebrate; the minor ones are uncountable.

The aim of this Collection - the Chinese Festivals in Hong Kong - is to let people know where and when those fascinating festivals happen, and what their significance and meanings are. The content of the Collection will be divided into twelve months, and one to several items of festival selected for every month.


  • New Year's Day: Entrance of Wong Tai Sin Temple

  • New Year's Day: Worship by believers

  • New Year's Day: Worship at Wong Tai Sin Temple

  • New Year's Day: Worship at Wong Tai Sin Temple


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  • Peng Chau Tin Hau Parade: Highlight of the parade