Recently Visited


The following individuals and organizations were either interviewee of our project or providers of liaison service. We greatly appreciates their contributions.
(listed in alphabetical order)


Ah Ying (Interviewee)
Mr. Au Kwan Cheung (Interviewee)
Mr. Benny Yeung (Member, Yau Tsim Mong District Council)
Mr. Chan Chung Bun (Interviewee)
Ms. Chan Kam (Interviewee)
Mr. Chan Kin Keung (Interviewee)
Dr. Chan Kwok Man(Interviewee)
Mr. Chan Kwong Yiu (Interviewee)
Mr. Chan Siu Fan (Interviewee) 
Mr. Chan Sui Kau (Interviewee) 
Mr. Chan Wah Cheung (Interviewee)  
Mr. Chan Wing Kee (Interviewee)
Mr. Cheng Chi Ping (Interviewee)
Ms. Cheng Po Lin (Interviewee)
Mr. Cheng Yum Kwai (Interviewee)
Mr. Cheung Chi Cheung (Interviewee)
Mr. Cheung Chi Kong (Interviewee)
Mr. Cheung Chi Ying (Interviewee)
Mr. Chi Woo Wha (Interviewee)
Mr. Chong Bob Hok Hoi (Interviewee)
Mr. Eddie Yeung (Senior Manager, Central Textiles H.K)  
Mr. Fung Yuen Hon (Interviewee)
Mr. Gan Fock Wai  (Interviewee)
Mr. Gan Wee Sean  (Interviewee)
Dr. Gordon Yen (Executive Director, Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited)
Ms. Grandma Leung (Interviewee)
Mr. Ha Chung Fong (Interviewee)
Mr. Ho Sau (Interviewee)
Mr. Ho Woon (Interviewee)
Mr. Hui Chor Tin (Interviewee)
Mr. Joe Chan (Professional Member, The Hong Kong Institute of Architectural Conservationists)
Mr. Kan Tai Keung (Interviewee)
Master Kong (Interviewee)
Mr. Kong Chi Yin (Interviewee)
Ms. Kwok Kwai King (Interviewee)
Ms. Kwok Yung (Interviewee)
Mr. Kwong Kwok Hung (Interviewee)
Mr. L.T. Lam (Interviewee)
Mr. Lai Kan (Interviewee)
Ms. Lai Kit Fong (Interviewee)
Mr. Lai Yiu Kai (Interviewee)
Ms. Lau Tik Wah, Eva (Interviewee)
Mr. Lau Wing Kwong (Interviewee)
Mr. Law King Hei (Interviewee)
Mr. Law Pui (Interviewee)
Dr. Lee Allen Peng Fei (Interviewee)
Mr. Lee Foo (Interviewee)
Mr. Lee Lai (Interviewee)
Mr. Lee Siu On  (Interviewee)
Mr. Leung Fong(Interviewee)
Ms. Leung Pui Ching(Interviewee)
Mr. Leung Shek Lun (Interviewee)
Mr. Leung Wai Ho (Interviewee)
Ms. Leung Yuk Jan(Interviewee)
Mr. Li Hon Hung (Interviewee)
Mr. Li Kit Fai (Interviewee)
Ms. Li Lin(Interviewee)
Mr. Li Ping Sum (Interviewee)
Mr. Liu Chia Hui (Interviewee)
Ms. Liu Kwai Ying (Interviewee)
Mr. Liu Ping Yuen (Interviewee)
Mr. Lo Lei Wo (Interviewee)
Ms. Luk Lau Ying (Interviewee)
Ms. Ma Ho Fu (Interviewee)
Mr. Ma Sui Wai (Interviewee)
Mrs. Molly Chiu (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Chi Wing (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Chin Hung (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Chiu Pang (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Chiu Ying (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Chuen Kung (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Fat Chuen (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Hung On (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Kin Sun (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Kong (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Lik Bor(Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Pok Kong (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Sai Ming (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Siu Hung (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Siu Kei (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Sui Kuen (Interviewee)
Mr. Ng Sui Mo (Interviewee)so
Mr. Ng Wai Kei (Chairman, Ng Wai Wing Tso and Ng Yat Un Tso Limited)
Mr. Ng Yiu Fai (Interviewee)
Mr. Paul Lam (Interviewee)
Mr. Poon Kwai Hoi(Interviewee)
Mr. Sham Hing Hei(Interviewee)
Mr. Sheh Shue Wing (Interviewee)
Master Shek (Interviewee)
Mr. Shek Arthur K.C (Interviewee)
Mr. Simon Tam (Corporate Communication Manager, Amoy Food Ltd.)
Mr. So Cheung Shing, David (Interviewee)
Mr. Sun Kai Lit (Interviewee)
Mr. Sun Kin Chao (Interviewee)
Mrs. Sun Kwok Ying Ping (Interviewee)
Ms. Tam Pui Lin (Interviewee)
Ms. Tam Sau King (Interviewee)
Ms. Tan Pui Ling, Pauline (Chief Executive Officer, Kowloon City Welfare Services for the Elderly Co. Ltd.)
Dr. Tin Ka Ping (Interviewee)
Mr. Tin Hing Sin (Interviewee)
Ms. To Sui Wan (Interviewee)
Mr. Wan Cheung (Interviewee)
Ms. Wat Wai Chun (Interviewee)
Mr. Wen Choy Bon (Interviewee)
Ms. Wong Chau Hung (Interviewee)
Mr. Wong Chun Bor (Interviewee)
Mr. Wong Hon Yee (Interviewee)
Ms. Wong Mo Yan (Interviewee)
Mr. Wong Wan Pui (Interviewee)
Mr. Wong Wing Man (Interviewee)
Mr. Wu Guo Jian (Interviewee)
Mr. Wu Guo Qiang (Interviewee)
Mr. Wu Wai Keung (Interviewee)
Ms. Yau Suk Fun (Interviewee)
Mr. Yeung Hon Yuen (Interviewee)
Ms. Yeung Po Yee (Interviewee)
Mr. Yip Kam Fook (Interviewee)
Mr. Yip Pak Keung (Executive Officer, Jockey Cluub Lei Yue Mun Plus)
Ms. Yung An Wan (Interviewee) 


Amoy Food Limited
C & C Joint Printing Co.,(H.K.) Ltd.
Central Textiles (Hong Kong) LTD.
Champion Industrial Co., Ltd.
Chan's Building Contractors Ltd.
China Dyeing Holdings, Ltd.
China Paint Mfg. Co. (1932) Ltd.
Chit Shing P.V.C. Products Mfy.Ltd
Chung Nam Watch Co., Ltd
Dailywin Watch Products Mfg. Ltd
ELCHK Sha Tin Multi-service Centre for the Elderly 
Elec & Eltek International Company Limited
Forward Winsome Industries Limited
Fountain Set (Holdings) Limited
German Pool Group Company Limited
Hulu Culture
Kin Hip Metal & Plastic Fty. Ltd.
Kowloon City Welfare Services for the Elderly Co. Ltd.
Kowloon Federation of Associations
Kowloon Fruit & Vegetable Merchant Association Ltd (Hong Kong)
Ng Shing Tat Tso, Nga Tsin Wai
Nga Tsin Wai Village Committee
Pak Fah Yeow International Limited
Silver Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong
Tins Chemical Coporation Ltd.
Yau Ma Tei Concern for Resident Rights Association
Yangtzekiang Garment Limited