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Unless otherwise stated, the copyright of all the oral history records belongs to The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. Copyright holders of photographs and other materials have authorized Hong Kong Memory to publish them on the website. Readers may listen to/watch the audio/audio-visual recordings and browse photographs, documents and other historical materials. Due to copyright restrictions on all the oral history records and parts of the other materials, users are not allowed to copy, deliver, display or publish them in any other form, on any other platforms. Users may only download such materials as the copyright holders have agreed to release on an open basis; such downloading will only be permitted for non-profit-making purposes.


Oral history material is extracted from people’s memories, which inevitably become blurred or distorted in the course of time. Accounts provided by the interviewee and the modes of expression used are affected by many factors, including the place and time of the interview, his/her health condition, the identity of the interviewer and the nature of the interaction during the conversation. Or, the content of the interview might differ with the circumstances under which the interview is conducted. Audio/audio-visual materials generated by interviews are primary source materials and not definitive historical truth. Users are advised to verify independently the truthfulness of materials in this collection in the course of their enquiry. The interviewees and the Hong Kong Memory project are not responsible for any error or falsehood in the content.

Guide to citation

Readers are welcome to cite or reproduce parts of the interview content or written summaries. They are required to use the following citation format: (heading of the oral history record), (name of interviewee), (date of interview), (Hong Kong Voices Oral History Archives, Hong Kong Memory website) ( Relevant information is available in the metadata for each record of this Archives. Citation or reproduction may only be made for non-profit making purposes.