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Since the first non‐pictorial postcard was sent in Austria in 1869, it has become one of the world’s popular postal stationeries. The earliest postcards in Hong Kong were printed with monochrome lithographic technique. Through these postcards, we witness the changes of Hong Kong over the years. More importantly, the recipients can share the perspectives of the senders, how they perceived Hong Kong culturally and socially in a particular time. This collection with 9 special topics displays the postcards from late 19th Century to 1930s, collected by Mr. Ko Tim-keung, a local history researcher. Let’s enjoy the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong from these exquisite postcards!


  • Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter(1)

  • Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter(2)

  • Queen's Road Central in Central

  • The Béthanie at Pok Fu Lam