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Government Reports

This section of the archive contains two batches of government reports. The first consists of excerpts from the Hong Kong Trade Bulletin as published by the Commerce and Industry Department between 1954 and 1967. The second contains monthly and quarterly reports published by the Labour Department from 1949 to 1965. The Hong Kong Trade Bulletin excerpts comprise published articles with attached pictures describing various manufacturing industries, firms and new products. By reading them, you will learn a lot about the initial 10-year period in which local manufacturing began to take off as well as the various industries and their products and working conditions. The Labour Department began publishing monthly reports in 1949, eventually integrating them into quarterly digests the following year. The reports’ contents became more systematic, publishing statistical records for registered factories and plant safety situations. Readers will understand the distribution of the various manufacturing sectors and the conditions of the workers.

Labour Department Reports Extracts from Hong Kong Trade Bulletin