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Company Introduction

Company Name: Forward Winsome Industries Ltd. (Fowind)

Year of Founding: 1960

Mainstream Products: Plastic Toys

Brief History:

Forward Winsome Industries Limited was established with the merger of Winsome Plastic Works and Forward Products. Co.. In 1947, Mr Yeung, owner of Yuen Hing Hong, started Winsome Plastic Works to produce plastic housewares. In 1955, Lam Leung, an employee of Yuen Hing Hong, started Forward Products to produce dolls and other toys. In 1960, the two companies merged to become Forward Winsome Industries. Soon after Lam became the company's sole proprietor. The company specialized in plastic toys for the export to Europe and USA, and its business was expanding quickly already at its initial stage. In 1963, the company added automobile accessories and Christmas ornaments to its product lines. In 1969, the company added a new factory in Taiwan, and at the same time, moved its factory in Hong Kong from Quarry Bay to Chai Wan. During the 1970s, the company became fully committed to OEM business, with large toys producers and retailers in USA as its major clients. After 1979, Forward Winsome Industries started to expand its production lines in mainland China, with factories in Dongguan, Nanhai and Lianzhou, employed up to over 20,000 workers. In 1989, the company closed its factory in Hong Kong. These days, second generation of the Lam family has taken over the business.