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Company Introduction

Company Name: Kin Hip Metal & Plastics Fty. Ltd.

Year of Founding: 1949

Mainstream Products: plastic and metal daily products, stainless cutlery and kitchenware

Brief History:

Kin Hip Metal & Plastics Fty. Ltd. (“Kin Hip”) was founded in 1949. The founder, Sun Kin Chao started his career as an apprentice and had learnt the art of mould-making while at an electric torch factory in Shanghai. He first opened his factory on a ground-level store on Portland Street, Hong Kong, where he made moulds and repair machines. In around 1953, the factory moved to Soy Street and began producing daily goods using hybrid metal and plastic materials. Kin Hip grew rapidly after this, and moved Sung Wong Toi and Shing Yip Street as a result of the expansion in operation. In 1964, Kin Hip bought a piece on land on Hung To Road on which a new factory was built. In the early 1960s, Sun Kin Chao took reference from foreign products in order to develop his own line of stainless steel silverware and kitchenware. These became Kin Hip’s key products ever since.

In 1978, the second generation began to succeed to the business and they modernised the factory’s management. In 1979, the production line was shifted to Mainland China. The city of Nanhai was chosen as the testing ground for production. In 1980, Kin Hip launched its own brand “Kinox” to enhance product competitiveness in the market. Sun Kin Chao and his wife retired in 1984 and handed over the entire business to their next generation. Kin Hip later bought land in Pinghu, Lo Wu, and built another factory in 1989. When the new factory started production in 1992, production in Hong Kong was shut down completely. In recent years, Kin Hip focuses on promoting its brand and outsources its production to other factories in Mainland China