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First Generation Industrialists

All born before the Second World War, the first-generation industrialists our interviewers spoke to had all experienced the hardship of war and poverty first hand. They were generally not well educated and lacked formal professional expertise. What made each of them so special was that they all shared an adventurous and pioneering spirit. Deciding to join industries where they saw opportunities others had missed, or even setting foot in unfamiliar fields and creating a new trade, they all worked their hardest. At the end of the day, each firmly believed that only with real effort would come gain. These people were owners cum employees who oversaw the internal and external affairs of their factories – from taking orders, buying materials and production to inspection, recruitment, management and financial matters. These people would attend to everything – regardless of seemingly large and imposing or small and insignificant. Some of the old industrialists we interviewed placed a far higher value on morality and ethics than they did on profit. As a result, they tended to lead thrifty and simple lives, never sacrificing human feelings or relations in the race to make money. To them, industry was not just a way to earn a living or a stage to test their individual abilities. It was a foundation for social development. During many interviews, you will be moved to hear such industrial veterans often voice out their love of the industry that gave them their livelihood.

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