Dockyards of Hong Kong
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The shipbuilding and repair industry of Hong Kong was once the city’s most important heavy industry employing a large workforce, supporting trade and transportation as well as marine rescue work. Today, the industry continues to serve vessels passing in and out of Hong Kong and helps our shipping sector to maintain its competitive edge. The dockyards of Hong Kong are intricately related to community development: Taikoo Dockyard built staff quarters for workers at its docks and ran schools to provide education for their children, while also playing an active part in the development of the district. Once common scenes of throngs of workers entering and leaving the dockyards in the urban area are now a thing of the past and the former sites have been redeveloped into residential properties, but, thanks to the precious images that faithfully record its contribution to the local economy, the history of the local shipbuilding and repair industry can be preserved.


  • Workers of Whampoa Dock leaving their workplace