Hong Kong Products Exhibition
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The first exhibition was held during 2-8 April 1938 by the Chinese Manufacturers' Union. It was then called the “Exhibition of Chinese Products”. With the slogan “Chinese People should use Chinese Goods”, the exhibition aimed at encouraging Hong Kong citizens and overseas Chinese to support Chinese-made products.

When the Second World War ended in 1945, the development of manufacturing industry in Hong Kong resumed very quickly. The 8th Exhibition (1950-1951) was renamed the “Exhibition of Hong Kong Products” and the exhibition started to focus on goods manufactured in Hong Kong, instead of mainland China. The exhibition aims at promoting Hong Kong products to both overseas and local markets. The slogan “Hong Kong people use Hong Kong goods” was used at the 8th Exhibition to encourage local consumers to purchase goods manufactured in Hong Kong.

The English title “Exhibition of Hong Kong Products” continued to be used until the 31st Exhibition (1973-1974). In 1974, as the Government did not allocate land for building a permanent exhibition venue, the exhibition organizers decided to suspend the event. It was not resumed until 1994.