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About the Collection

As a result of three successful applications by the Hong Kong SAR Government to the Ministry of Culture, ten local intangible cultural heritage (ICH) items are on the national list of ICH, thereby confirming their historical and cultural value. The ten items include: Cantonese opera, herbal tea, Cheung Chau Jiao Festival, Tai O dragon boat water parade, Yu Lan Ghost Festival of the Hong Kong Chiu Chow community, Mid-Autumn Festival - the Tai Hang fire dragon dance, the arts of the Guqin (the craft of Qin making), Quanzhen temples Taoist ritual music, Hakka unicorn dance in Hang Hau, Sai Kung, Wong Tai Sin belief and customs.

They cover the areas such as performing arts, rituals, festive events, traditional craftsmanship, and represent the efforts of different local communities in passing on their customs and traditions.

An exhibition entitled “The Oral Legacies: Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong” was then held at the Intangible Cultural Heritage Office from February 2016 to December 2017, featuring the ten local items being inscribed on China's national list of ICH, in the hope that visitors can have an in-depth understanding of these ICH items and how these items lead to a stronger sense of cultural identity within the community.

Materials for this collection largely come from the above said exhibition, comprising texts and photographs, to enhance people’s knowledge on Intangible Heritage Culture of Hong Kong.