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Annual report by the Secretary for Chinese Affairs

Factory Inspection Since the first industrial employment ordinance was enacted in 1922, the annual report by the Secretary for Chinese Affairs (SCA) introduced a section “New Ordinances” to report on SCA inspection on the employment of child labour in the factories. In 1925, the section was renamed to “Factories”. From 1924 to 1939, these were reports by SCA as Protector of Labour about hiring child labour and women in the factories and accidents in the factories. From 1927 onwards after the Factories and Workshops Ordinance was enacted, the SCA reports also supplied figures of death and injury during accidents at different industrial sites in the whole year. Breakdown of accidents caused by machinery and by falls are also given. As the role of factory and labour inspection was transferred to the Urban Council in 1939, the report was given under the annual report by the Chairman of Urban Council.

Factory Inspection Labour Wages and Cost of Living