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Grounds and Buildings, 1890s - 1900s

The Refinery premises increasingly dominated the landscape as construction continued in the 1890s. Besides the refinery proper, there were brick godowns and steel godowns, a coal yard, boiler houses, melting houses, workshops, office buildings and separate quarters for foreign and Chinese staff. There were also a sports ground and clubhouse. Overseeing the whole was the manager’s residence on Kornhill – named after the first refinery manager, Dr. Ferdinand Korn.

By 1893, Taikoo had built its first reservoir to ensure a steady supply of water to produce steam, which was essential in sugar refining. In time, it would have three reservoirs.

Another feature was the cable car that linked the main premises with the sanitarium on Mount Parker, which had been built to provide a refuge for refinery families from the insanitary conditions of most of Hong Kong.


  • Back view of Lymoon Terrace and construction of third chimney

  • Reconstruction -- refinery extension

  • Refinery conveyor belt and brick godown

  • Refinery conveyor belt and marine boiler house under construction. ...