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  • The Organisation of Wah Kwong Club
    This is a manual about the organisation and operation of YWCA Girls' Clubs for girls in schools, factories and villages. It included the mission statement of Girls' Clubs, program designs covering the areas of personal, family, and citizenship education.
  • Girls' Camp
     This is a manual about the organisation and planning of YWCA camps and conferences for young girls. It contains detailed instructions for leaders and advisers and a variety of ideas on nurturing the spiritual and physical growth of young girls through these camps.
  • The Road to Wah Kwong
    This is a resource handbook published by the National Committee of YWCA China for the planning of Girls' Club activities.
  • Commemorative Album of Kun Kwok Wah Kwong Club, 1930-32
     The hand-made commemorative album records the activities of the Kun Kwok Wah Kwong Club. It includes the objectives and organization of the Club, photos of students, procedure of meeting, tidbits of activities and a collection of maxims.
  • YWCA Twentieth Anniversary Special Bulletin, 1940-1960
    This is the only pre-1941 copy of the Hong Kong YWCA Bulletin housed in the YWCA Archive. This twentieth anniversary edition records the history of Hong Kong YWCA and the development of its work among young girls, married women and factory women workers. It also includes photos of founders, committee members and secretaries, with their personal reflections.