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Oral History

In this section we investigate how some of today’s best known local manufacturers used to manage their brands in the past. Gan Wee Sean and Gan Fock Wai, respectively Chairman & CEO and Executive Director of Pak Fah Yeow International Ltd. (Pak Fah Yeow), created the company’s initial brand positioning and master-minded many promotional practices. Paul T. Lam, Chairman of China Paint, told our interviewers about the creation of the ‘Flower’ brand, as well as the strategies his company leveraged to develop the local market. Wong Wing Man, a retired engineer and senior manager at Amoy Food Ltd. (Amoy), spoke of the company’s long history of much-loved brands and products exhibition booths. Sun Kai Lit, Cliff, Executive Director of Kin Hip Metal & Plastic Fty. Ltd. (Kin Hip), is a second-generation manufacturer. During his interview, he talked about brand creation and marketing, product development and management culture reform. Another second-generation manager, Chong Hok Hoi, Bob, Managing Director of Chung Nam Watch Co., Ltd. (Chung Nam), reflected on changes in his company’s sales methods. An apprentice-turned industrialist, Leung Wai Ho, Eddie, Managing Director of Dailywin, analysed difficulties in successful retailing brand creation.

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