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Local Community Interest

Many of the exhibitions and competitions during Hong Kong Week were organized by interest groups. They included philatelic associations exhibiting stamps, groups of Ikelana and floral arts demonstrating flower arrangements, art club exhibiting paintings, Photographic Society organizing an International Salon, Model Engineering Club flying model planes, Amateur Radio Transmitting Society organizing a radio signal station and the Chinese chess association running chess matches. In addition, sports associations held many sports events, such as Kart Club’s international Karting Grand Prix, Chinese Martial Arts Association’s martial arts competition, Cycling Association’s demonstrations of trick cycling. Other events included boxing, fencing, judo, karate demonstrations and competitions provided by their respective associations.

Other special performances, such as the magic show held on the round stage in Statue Square in 1971, were offered too. Magic was performed also in other variety shows and evening galas. TVB’s talent contest, moreover, allowed contestants to enter other talents than just singing and dancing.

In the past, the activities of these interest groups had been reserved for their own members, but the Hong Kong Festival’s support -- in the form of venue and facilities, promotion and advertising, registration and ticketing, etc. -- made it possible for their activities to be promoted throughout the city and become more widely known.

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