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Lai Man-wai (Image)

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  • Lai Man-wai's experimental photo
    Lai Man-wai taught himself photography and laboratory techniques. This experimental picture was an evidence of his bold and creative mind.
  • China Sun's logo
    China Sun Motion Picture Company's logo.
  • China Sun's building
    China Sun Motion Picture Company was opened in 1923, in front of Tin Hau Temple, Causeway Bay. Lai Man-wai was the general manager; brother Lai Buk-hoi was the manager.
  • Film still of Rouge (1925)
    China Sun Motion Picture Company produced the first narrative feature film Rouge (1925) in Hong Kong. Written and directed by Lai Buk-hoi; starred Lai Man-wai and his wife Lam Cho-cho.
  • Special mandate from Sun Yat-sen
    Lai Man-wai volunteered to document Sun Yat-sen's revolution and war affairs in 1923, capturing a lot of precious images. Sun Yat-sen gave Lai Man-wai a special mandate for filming him anywhere.
  • Sun Yat-sen and Soong Ching-ling
    Sun Yat-sen and his wife Soong Ching-ling were attending a tribute ceremony for the troops. Picture was taken by Lai Man-wai in 1924.
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