Tin Hau Festival
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Tin Hau Festival

Dedicated to the Goddess of the Sea

As one of the most popular folk goddesses in South China, Tin Hau or the Goddess of the Sea is believed to be the protector of fishermen and sailors. Local people celebrate Tin Hau's birthday to praise the goddess for her protection. The colourful Flower Cannons, or Fa Pau, are the most spectacular paper offerings. In the summer of 1985, Professor Janet Lee Scott and her team conducted a research documenting the celebration rituals of Tin Hau’s birthday in Tai Po Market, Yau Ma Tei, So Ku Wan, Tap Mun and Luk Chau. This collection includes photos and observations of the professor’s research, allowing the viewers to understand the spiritual significance of this folk religion and to appreciate this disappearing paper-craftsmanship in Hong Kong.


  • The Flower Cannon, nearly completed.

  • Members of the Tin Hau Association work on the ...

  • The Flower Cannon being readied for the journey...

  • Final decorative elements are added.