Tin Hau Festival
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  • The Flower Cannon, nearly completed.
    The Flower Cannon offering of the "羅旁花炮會" ( "Law- Pon" Flower Cannon Association), Tai Po Market. The Cannon had already been crafted and awaited for the addition of special items and offerings from the Association.
  • Nearly ready for the journey.
    The Flower Cannon was nearly ready for the journey. The cart in the front was filled with offerings and large incense sticks.
  • Ginger is a popular attachments.
    While the decoration of a Flower Cannon was decided by the paper workshop, those associations or individuals ordering a Cannon could add additional elements as they wished. Among these were the purifying pomelo leaves, ginger, and the red-dyed eggs. This bag was full of the lucky ginger. Among the elements adorning the Cannon was This bag of lucky ginger topped with a sword made of old coins was one of the decorations of the Flower Cannon symbolising good luck.