Memories of Renowned Lyricist: Richard Lam Chun Keung's Manuscripts
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List of Lyrical Works of Richard Lam

The following table lists all lyrical works of Richard Lam, both released and otherwise, that are known to us, for reference and further research purposes. We welcome any information to supplement the table.


  1. Songs marked with “*” could not be shown in this collection. Readers who wish to view those manuscripts can visit Arts Resource Centre at the Hong Kong Central Library for a photocopy of the manuscripts of Richard Lam’s lyrics (《林振強歌詞作品集》; call number: KDW/HK LAM).
  2. Songs marked with “#” means Hong Kong Central Library and the present collection does not hold the manuscripts of those songs.
  3. Lyric manuscripts of songs that have no markers could be browsed in this present collection.
  4. Years in the list below: the years refer to the years of release of the songs without manuscripts (i.e songs marked with “#”); the years refer to the years of writing of the song with manuscripts.
  5. Cell is left black if the information is unknown. Information may be supplemented if there is more further research in the future.
  6. Singers refer to the singers of the first recordings that are found for each known released works, and the intended singers as marked on the manuscripts for probably unreleased works.


Song Title Singer Composer Year
Teachings from nature   Chris Babida unknown
A bit of dating     unknown
Superstar Jacqueline Man Akiko Kobayashi unknown
Heartbeat and heartbeat     unknown
Let the heart beat and beat     unknown
Stubborn     unknown
After all   Perry Martin unknown
Rain and I   Dominic Chung unknown
Monroe walk   Yoshitaka Minami unknown
Lovely memories     unknown
Love's like ants   Dave Nicomedes unknown
Street ryhme     unknown
Sloped Jacqueline Man   unknown
Take it slow Cally Kwong Antonio Arevalo Jr unknown
How to let you know   Richard Lam unknown
With you days and nights Teresa Carpio Paul Anka 1980
Once upon a time on that hill Teresa Carpio Joesph Chow  1980
44 tons Ruth Chen David Chamberlain, Jim Vest c.1981
800 years old
(lyrics by Richard Lam and Samuel Ho)
Ruth Chen, Hui Bing Sam Richard Yung c.1981
A cup of coffee# Roman Tam Eugenio Nonoy Ocampo 1981
Ten bicycles Teresa Cheung Fujimaru Yoshino 1981
Rocket-boosted heart Teresa Cheung Fujimaru Yoshino c.1981
The trio George Lam, Tina Lau, Cecilia Wong Margaret M Adam c.1981
Grown up girl Rowena Cortes Anders Nelsson c.1981
Grown up girl Flora Cheong-Leen Ray Evans 1981
No more gripes* Lydia Lam Richard Yung 1981
A morning on the staves Brenda Lo Dominic Chung 1981
Heart Lydia Lam John Lennon, Yoko Oono c.1981
The kiss   John Lennon, Yoko Oono 1981
The moon is a balloon Frances Yip Bob Barratt 1981
Wandering singer   Bob Barratt c.1981
Song of fire Roman Tam Chris Babida c.1981
His gaze Elisa Chan Chris Babida 1981
The birth of a superstar   Chris Babida 1981
We are all children     1981
Always with you Jopseph Chow, Hui Bing Sam, Lydia Lam Gilbert Bécaud 1981
Sayonara Flora Cheong-Leen Kazumasa Oda 1981
If Donald Cheung Muneyuki Satou 1981
Blissful roaming David Lau Martin Perry Earl, Anders Nelsson c.1981
Doll up* Felicia Wong  Vincent Youmans c.1981
Azalea Roman Tam Dominic Chung c.1981
Nomad in the desert George Lam George Lam c.1981
How high is the sky George Lam George Lam 1981
Flying snowflakes   George Lam 1981
Spinning lamp George Lam George Lam c.1981
Never before Felicia Wong  Alan Clarke, Graham Nash 1981
Whispers during the small hours Brenda Lo Heinz Dieter Brandt-Gudat, Frithjof Landvogt, Siegfried Miensok, Rolf Oppermann, Dick Shoulders 1981
Put on the Sun Roman Tam Chris Babida c.1981
Thrilling of spring Lee Lung Kei 李瑞成 (Li Jui Cheng) c.1981
No longer frown any more# Teresa Carpio Hachidai Nakamura 1981 
Like wind Lee Lung Kei Eugenio Nonoy Ocampo c.1981
Sweet olive Roman Tam Eddie Chiu c.1981
Nomad* Bobby Chan Bobby Chan c.1981
Persistent waves Brenda Lo 李瑞成 (Li Jui Cheng) c.1981
Overwrought Jean Shen Steven Liu 1981
Pursue David Lau Anders Nelsson c.1981
In secret Bobby Boudleaux Bryant, Felice Bryant c.1981
Lady with flute* Johnny Ip Jiruo Sugita c.1981
Tweed jacket Frances Yip 李瑞成 (Li Jui Cheng) 1981
My little darling Rowena Cortes Anders Nelsson c.1981
Clear sky Sunny Wong Anthony Au c.1981
She's naïve Johnny Ip Eugenio Nonoy Ocampo c.1981
Chinese redbud Roman Tam Dominic Chung c.1981
Love's in the air Ruth Chen Ruth Chen c.1981
Infected with love* Flora Cheong-Leen Reginald Cheong-Leen 1981
Love and be good to your parents# Sunny Wong Paul Burkhard 1981
Secret crush David Lau Veronica-Margaret Fraser 1981
You from back then Brenda Lo Shinji Tanimura c.1981
Straight and winding roads Lee Lung Kei Eddie Chiu 1981
Teenage dreamers Rowena Cortes Anders Nelsson c.1981
Rain outside window* Flora Cheong-Leen Reginald Cheong-Leen c.1981
A-student   譚裕明 (Tam Yue Ming) 1982
Fever Danny Summer Kazuo Takeda 1982
Rosalie Danny Summer Kazuo Takeda 1982
The two left Deanie Ip Mahmood Rumjahn 1982
A fool's love song* Ricky Hui Anders Nelsson 1982
Acoustic guitar 楊小菁 (Yeung Siu Ching), 鍾婉儀 (Chung Yuen Yee) Chen Yang c.1982
Only her Lee Lung Kei Jukichi Moriie 1982
Platinum elevator# Elisa Chan Chris Babida 1982
Reading each other's mind every morning Maria Wu Laura Rachel Allan c.1982
The road built on sweat Ronald Tang Kiminori Nanasawa 1982
The bare hands that fought the katanas Johnny Ip Mahmood Rumjahn 1982
You* Carmen Wong Ricky Fung 1982
No trace of freedom# Danny Chan Dominic Chow 1982
Just give in* George Lam Scott Winfield 1982
Not mad   Chen Yang 1982
Feeling fantastic 楊小菁 (Yeung Siu Ching), 鍾婉儀 (Chung Yuen Yee) Chen Yang 1982
Sand gull island 楊小菁 (Yeung Siu Ching), 鍾婉儀 (Chung Yuen Yee) Mahmood Rumjahn c.1982
Body language Roman Tam Kimio Mizutani 1982
A pair of balances Cheung Ming Man 吳智強 (Ng Chi Keung) 1982
Under the night sky Cheung Ming Man Vincent Leung 1982
Forlorn way Lowell Lo Lowell Lo 1982
Wander through the nighttime rain Brenda Lo Hiroaki Igarashi 1982
How am I to live through tomorrow George Lam John Lennon, Paul McCartney c.1982
Buddy Brenda Lo Mahmood Rumjahn 1982
Unstoppable beats   Mahmood Rumjahn 1982
Fruits Johnny Ip Lowell Lo 1982
Long night Terence Tsoi Anders Nelsson c.1982
Behind the door   Lowell Lo 1982
Symphony in rain   Chen Yang 1982
Yesterday's sun   鍾永康 (Chung Wing Hong) 1982
Wandering singer Lowell Lo Lowell Lo 1982
Wind lady# Flora King  Yoshitaka Minami 1982
Wind is chilly Elisa Chan Bob Canaris, Helmut Zacharias c.1982
Pompadour* Kenny Bee Ricky Fung 1982
Time warp of three hours   Manos Hadjidakis 1982
Gusts# Danny Chan Chris Babida 1982
Eyebrow flash* Rowena Cortes Chelsia Chan 1982
Trekking the hills Lowell Lo Lowell Lo 1982
Freezing night and winter clothes# Jenny Tseng Steven Liu 1982
Take my hand Ronald Tang 鍾永康 (Chung Wing Hong) 1982
Once deep in love   Jeanne Napoli, Julia W Quay, Gary Portnoy 1982
For the last time Serina Ha Mayumi Itsuwa 1982
Bauhinia girl   Agnes Chan 1982
Rock and roll at dusk Frances Yip Charles Cutter, Gian Pietro Felisatti, Danilo Vaona c.1982
The fancying and delighting me* Albert Au Ricky Fung 1982
Cave of dreams Johnny Ip Mahmood Rumjahn 1982
The twilight before dawn     1982
I'd rather Brenda Lo   1982
Singer Roman Tam Mahmood Rumjahn 1982
At the centre of laser beams Roman Tam Mahmood Rumjahn 1982
As the ball ends Agnes Chan Richard Yung 1982
Scarecrow# Lee Lung Kei Mahmood Rumjahn 1982
Madame Butterfly Fanny Wang Masao Yoneyama 1982
Sobbing steps 楊小菁 (Yeung Siu Ching)   1982
Weave a colourful dream Brenda Lo Toshiyuki Abe 1982
Beloved# Danny Chan George Lam 1982
Magician# Danny Chan Andy Bautista 1982
Moustache and I   Lowell Lo 1982
World of two# George Lam William Jackson, Roy Straigis, George Williams 1983
Money can't buy my heart Sally Yeh James Taylor, Charlies Foxx 1983
That great tree Lee Lung Kei Mariya Takeuchi 1983
Reverse chauvinism# George Lam George Lam 1983
Little girl's diary Sara Lee Taiji Nakamura 1983
5:30 after work screening# Albert Au Joey Villanueva 1983
Midnight wedding dress Flora King  Lowell Lo 1983
Heart bolted Ken Choi Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
Moon goddess# Johnny Ip Romeo Diaz 1983
Fiery rage Ken Choi Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
Moonlight shadows Samantha Lam Mike Oldfield 1983
Glance like fire Alan Tam Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
Report from an alien* Kenny Bee Dominic Chow 1983
She's like a bomb# Teresa Carpio Yumi Matsutoya 1983
I've yet become robot Lee Lung Kei Lowell Lo 1983
Flamboyant Saturday# George Lam Chuck Berry 1983
Little green freak# Lowell Lo Lowell Lo 1983
Lively dance music# Teresa Cheung Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
Lively dance Teresa Cheung Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
Princess Cheung Ping     1983
Stars and clouds Sally Yeh   1983
Autumn blues Roman Tam Wang Fuling 1983
Magenta paper fan Roman Tam Mahmood Rumjahn c.1983
Silly pretty diary# Lee Lung Kei Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
Reencounter# George Lam, Sally Yeh Johnny Mandel 1983
Mask Roman Tam Mahmood Rumjahn c.1983
Wayfarer into the wind Sam Hui Sam Hui 1983
Breeze and I Samantha Lam Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
Exhausted# Deanie Ip Joseph Chan 1983
A bashful girl Sara Lee Tony Weng 1983
Real man# Johnny Ip Joe Jackson 1983
Just smile# Ruth Chen Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
Realm of the heat Flora King    1983
Probe the wind Sandy Lam Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
The lumberjack Lee Lung Kei Bob Nolan c.1983
Sweet like gummies# Amy Chan Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
This pair of hands Sam Hui Sam Hui 1983
Chilly night Teresa Cheung Joseph Koo 1983
Missing person advertisement# Ruth Chen Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
Once on the road# Carmen Wong Terence Tsoi 1983
Dwell on you for no reason Sara Lee Paul Mauriat, Franck Pourcel 1983
Never-ending love Teresa Cheung Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
Fire of love* Alan Tam Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
Logic of love Ken Choi Tony Lee 1983
The woman who loves watching snow# Lowell Lo Lowell Lo 1983
Once upon Teresa Carpio Boris Fomin 1983
Tracking ten thousand miles# Albert Au Romeo Diaz 1983
Happy birthday to me* Sally Yeh George Lam 1983
Sleepwalker# Johnny Ip Lowell Lo 1983
Strolling through memory# Carmen Wong Carmen Wong 1983
Talking to the heart# Roman Tam Roman Tam 1983
The dancer# Roman Tam Vic Cristobal 1983
Fighter# Joe Lee Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
Alone in night club# Roman Tam Michael Lai 1983
Application letter# Johnny Ip, Christine Samson Mahmood Rumjahn 1983
Put on a parachute Amy Chan Gaynor Sadler, Tony Sadler 1983
Enchaning eyes# Tommy Chung Walter Donaldson 1983
Messenger parrot Kenny Bee Titiek Puspa 1983
Christina# Sam Hui Alan Tsui 1984
H2O# Leslie Cheung Kase Kunihiko 1984
Love me# Elisa Chan Kaoru Ito 1984
A voice# Michael Kwan Michael Kwan 1984
24th of December Johnny Ip Alan Tsui 1984
14 tons of emptinesss# Lowell Lo Lowell Lo 1984
Ugly girl# George Lam Frank Guida, Millie Guida, Joseph Royster 1984
Maybe# Kenny Ho Chris Babida 1984
Clown# Teddy Robin Lowell Lo 1984
Macho eaglet# Young Tigers Michael Lai 1984
Not same any more# Annabelle Louie Amy Yung 1984
Fong Siu Man# Kenny Ho Ferdi Lancee 1984
Winds of the seasons# Albert Cheung Joey Villanueva 1984
Lonely again# Jenny Tseng Kaoru Ito 1984
Song of an old tree# Lowell Lo Lowell Lo 1984
Be myself# Kenny Bee Mahmood Rumjahn 1984
I love you# George Lam Billy Joel 1984
One day with old eyes# Terence Wong Ricky Fung 1984
Lingering on every night# Connie Mak Joseph Koo 1984
Cat of the night# Kenny Bee Mahmood Rumjahn 1984
On the roof# Sandy Lamb REICO 1984
It's you, it's you, it's you# Michael Kwan Michael Kwan 1984
Road of winds# Paula Tsui Dominic Chow 1984
He who came by dream# Carmen Wong David Gates 1984
Chill wind in summer# Alan Tam Hiroaki Serizawa 1984
Man who catches wind# Alan Tam Toshihiko Takamizawa  1984
Butterfly catcher# Fanny Wang Shunichi Tokura 1984
Realm of the heat# Ken Choi Tony Lee 1984
Unstoppable love# Annabelle Louie, Benette Pang Mahmood Rumjahn 1984
Make a wish# Sandy Lamb Chris Babida 1984
The Creation# Danny Chan Mahmood Rumjahn 1984
The last dance# Jenny Tseng Chris Babida 1984
Love you most# Sam Hui Tony Macaulay, Barry Mason 1984
Heartless lover# Elisa Chan Chris Babida 1984
Needn't hide it from me# Kenny Bee Brian Setzer 1984
Intimate dance# George Lam Bobby Capó 1984
Feverous love# George Lam Reggie Andrew, Ndugu Chancler 1984
Love too deep# Ken Choi Charles Tso 1984
Love beezes but love telephoen more# Samantha Lam Chris Babida 1984
Ten thousand miles of Milky Way# Paula Tsui Eugenio Nonoy Ocampo 1984
Lightning thunder dancer# Connie Mak Alan Tsui 1984
Catching the stars# Danny Chan Joseph Koo 1984
Wacky woman# Sally Yeh Chris Babida 1984
Raving celebration# Danny Chan Mahmood Rumjahn 1984
Cold drizzle# Samantha Lam Joseph Koo 1984
My liberal heart# Jimmy Jim Susan Tang 1984
Shadow and me# Terence Tsoi Terence Tsoi 1984
Moving pictures# Albert Au Mayumi Itsuwa 1984
Tremble# Amy Chan Yasuo Sugibayashi 1984
Solo performance# George Lam Carson Parks 1984
Smooch me Amy Chan Chris Babida 1984
Kiss the heartbroken me# Deanie Ip Lowell Lo 1984
Cat lady# Danny Chan Chris Babida 1984
Paired swimming rings# Kenny Bee Kenny Bee 1984
Jeans in blue# Sam Hui Sam Hui 1984
200 degrees# Sally Yeh Peter Brown, Robert Rans  1985
888 arrows# Kenny Bee, Brenda Lo Kenny Bee 1985
Misters A & B & C* Sandy Lamb Mahmood Rumjahn 1985
Bye bye love Alvin Kwok Alvin Kwok c.1985
Forever my love Elisa Chan Romeo Diaz c.1985
Hello Paula* Paula Tsui Noboru Kimura 1985
No. 55# Agnes Chiang Biddu 1985
R.A.D.I.O my buddy Sam Hui Ivor Raymonde c.1985
Ya ya that's funny Amy Chan Takehiko Kogure c.1985
Plan of the whole life# Michael Kwan Alastair Monteith-Hodge 1985
A string of old memories# Benette Pang Takao Kisugi 1985
A broken pair of boots* Danny Summer George Yanagi c.1985
Endless trail* Danny Summer George Yanagi 1985
Vivid day dreams# Andy Lau Eddie Chiu 1985
Under 18th floor# Charine Chan Kyohei Tsutsumi 1985
Hundred thousand tomorrows# Joe Lee Mahmood Rumjahn 1985
Leaves are falling again Susanne Ho Henry Krieger 1985
Stop asking why# Danny Chan Mahmood Rumjahn 1985
Unsafe zone# Rowena Cortes Mahmood Rumjahn 1985
Unmindfully in love with you# Luisa Maria Leitão Friori Productions Limited 1985
Not a dancer Ken Choi Alvin Kwok 1985
Defiant winds# Leslie Cheung Yoshiyuki Osawa 1985
Week of love in six days# Terence Tsoi Terence Tsoi 1985
Nighttime weird lady# Joe Lee Mahmood Rumjahn 1985
Midnight blues# Roman Tam Prince 1985
Staring the sea at night Terence Tsoi Terence Tsoi 1985
Colours of the heart Ellen Ng Bjorn Skiffs c.1985
Can't stop thinking about* Sam Hui Terry Britten, Lynsey de Paul c.1985
The diary in my heart Sam Hui Sam Hui 1985
I'm a lady Susanna Kwan Tetsuji Hayashi c.1985
The tango of fire Kathrine Lau Chris Babida 1985
Flaming beauty# Alan Tam Cho Yong-pil 1985
Sizzling dance* Elisa Chan Takako Shirai 1985
Go on! # Cindy Yeung Mahmood Rumjahn 1985
Won't be changing# Danny Chan Mahmood Rumjahn 1985
A long rest# Johnny Ip Takao Horiuchi 1985
Because of you# Leslie Cheung Gavin Sutherland 1985
So long, Josephine* Danny Chan Joey Villanueva 1985
Conflagation of the cold mount* Anita Mui Ryudo Uzaki 1985
Memo Paula Tsui Terence Tsoi 1985
Your fire of love# Rowena Cortes Todd Rundgren 1985
In cold breeze# Danny Chan Koji Tamaki 1985
Don't let me walk past# Carmen Wong Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Björn Ulvaeus 1985
Cornered# Ken Choi Peter Ng 1985
Outsider# Jacky Cheung Masayoshi Takanaka 1985
French cigarette on bed# George Lam George Lam 1985
Lie to you in agony# Jenny Tseng George Michael, Andrew Ridgeley 1985
Happy little imp# Lawrence Cheng, Susanne Ho, Sandy Lamb Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman 1985
Me and you# Danny Chan Kenko Hirada 1985
I'm wild# Connie Mak Annabella Lewin, Harold Faltermeier 1985
I'm longing for Deanie Ip Jon Hendricks 1985
Getting nowhere* George Lam Giorgio Moroder 1985
At every nightfall# George Lam Huang Zi, Andrew Lloyd Webber 1985
Call you every night Jenny Tseng Philip Chan 1985
Passenger of the nights# Teresa Carpio David Packer 1985
Beats of the night# Carmen Wong Mahmood Rumjahn 1985
Your whereabouts Kenny Ho Joe Lamont 1985
Younger sister's wedding Louie Castro Bob Canaris, Helmut Zacharias 1985
Empty mailbox Amy Chan Peter Ng 1985
Reminisce for the hollowness# Paula Tsui David Lee 1985
Empty chair* Danny Summer Violet Lam c.1985
Long night, my love goodnight# Sally Yeh Yutaka Takahira 1985
Freak in the rain Kenny Ho Philip Chan 1985
Sound of rain# Ellen Ng Anders Nelsson 1985
Lively dancer# Elisa Chan Joseph Koo 1985
Hello# Patricia Chan Lionel Richie 1985
Johnny at Saturday night Teresa Carpio   1985
Shackles# Roman Tam JohnnyBug Chen 1985
Singing for you# Jenny Tseng Chris Babida 1985
I love you bright sun# George Lam Ray Dorset 1985
Bud Jacky Cheung Violet Lam 1985
Every cell blowing up# Cally Kwong Prince 1985
Newspaper blown in the wind Kenny Bee Kenny Bee 1985
A warm breeze in the uncaring wind Terence Tsoi Terence Tsoi c.1985
Causes For Being Coquettish Deanie Ip Richard Yung c.1985
Remembrance# George Lam George Lam 1985
Tavern# Johnny Ip Kisaburo Suzuki 1985
High speed love express# Sandy Lam EPO 1985
Become breeze Jackie Chan   1985
Idol poster# Charine Chan Shunichi Tokura 1985
Thief for hearts Jacky Cheung Alan Tsui 1985
Affair Cecilia Wong Cho Yong-pil 1985
So thrilling Teresa Carpio   1985
Love's like a jacket# Rowena Cortes Leslie Pearl  1985
Sweet sixteen# David Lui Kayoko Nagasaki  1985
Cells and I# Ellen Ng Reto Breitenmoser, Salvo Ingrassia, Tom Peters, Jo Plée 1985
Fight of the girls at the age of cardamom flowers# Sandy Lamb Wai Gwen Louie 1985
The one forgotten# Brenda Lo Chris Vadham  1985
At this one night# George Lam George Lam 1985
Snow girl Joseph Tay Mahmood Rumjahn 1985
Fun comes first Sam Hui Sam Hui c.1985
Orange lover Sam Hui Sam Hui c.1985
Sun robber* Danny Summer Violet Lam 1985
Indigo bistro* Teresa Fahy Teresa Fahy 1985
Absolute solitude Ken Choi Kimio Mizutani 1985
Let me be alone   Kimio Mizutani c.1985
A letter to myself Vivien Chan Michael Lai 1985
Foolish guilt# Luisa Maria Leitão Friori Productions Limited 1985
Love you too much# Alan Tam Amy Yung 1985
Arousing dance of love# Elisa Chan Joseph Koo 1985
Maths of love# Teresa Cheung CHAGE 1985
Love's not taboo# Danny Summer Harald Hoffmann 1985
Rocking heart Danny Summer Tony Carey c.1985
A new page Susanna Kwan Eddie Chiu c.1985
Tale from Shinjuku# Samantha Lam, Alvin Kwok Jin Kirigaya 1985
Melt me Joan Teng James Johnson 1985
My true self back then Elisa Chan Kazuya Amikura 1985
Eager hearts# Joe Lee Mahmood Rumjahn 1985
X'mas night* George Lam Alvin Kwok 1985
Counterattack of brainwaves   Angus Mak 1985
Transform# Sara Lee Takao Kisugi 1985
Game is over Jenny Tseng Chris Babida 1985
Seduce George Lam Joseph C. Garland 1985
Goddess of gusts Lorelei Alan Tam Hiroaki Serizawa c.1985
Heart seller# Michelle Pau Alan Tsui 1985
Cut# Connie Mak Alan Tsui 1985
Old movie   Shinji Tanimura 1985
Keychain# Sara Lee Joseph Chan 1985
Leaving you# Flora King  Shinji Tanimura 1985
Bad girl* Anita Mui Charlie Dore, Julian Littman 1985
All because I am a telephone* Teresa Fahy Teresa Fahy c.1985
Tenderness from the tough guy Jackie Chan Masayoshi Takanaka 1985
Enchanting silhouette# Joe Lee Mahmood Rumjahn 1985
72 hours of unease Happy Girls Takayuki Baba 1985
Cha cha cha* Sally Yeh Fabrizio Baldoni, Francesco Reitano, Bruno Rosellini 1986
Come together George Lam Thierry Geoffroy, Christian Loigerot c.1986
Cloaked hero George Lam Thierry Geoffroy, Christian Loigerot 1986
Crazy love Anita Mui Tsuyoshi Ujiki 1986
Crazy rock Leslie Cheung Ann Lewis 1986
Hey Lonely guy David Lui Michael Cretu 1986
Loners too David Lui Michael Cretu 1987
Love me once again Priscilla Chan Akiko Kosaka c.1986
Only you Kan Mok, Alex To Tetsuji Hayashi 1986
Play Girl Ken Choi Takumi Kikuchi 1986
Stand up Leslie Cheung Rick Springfield 1986
The night is lonely Roman Tam Alan Tsui 1986
After a minute Samantha Lam Anthony Baker, Angelina Kyte 1986
Saturday night (1) Samantha Lam Anthony Baker, Angelina Kyte 1986
Saturday night (2) Samantha Lam Anthony Baker, Angelina Kyte 1986
All for money? Sam Hui Alvin Kwok 1986
For my whole life Julie Sue   1986
Love at first sight* Kam Sham Serge Gainsbourg 1986
Everything is fine Orlando Delfino Huey Smith, John Vincent 1986
Always have a bone to pick Roman Tam Anthony Lun 1986
Hurricane signal no. 10 Kenny Bee Kenny Bee c.1986
A thousand suns Elisa Chan, Deanie Ip, 散芬芳合唱團 (Shan Fun Fong Quartet) Michael Gore, Dean Pitchford c.1986
Kissing in the night George Lam, Sally Yeh Laura Branigan, Marvin Gaye, Ivy Jo Hunter, Mark Spiro, William Mickey Stevenson, Jack White 1986
Being wealthy Terence Tsoi Terence Tsoi c.1986
Safekeeping Shirely Chan   1986
Mercy, missy Kenny Ho Tony Lee 1986
Won't take away Connie Mak Tako Niu 1986
Don't say goodbye Samantha Lam Kisaburo Suzuki 1986
Unembellished world* Jenny Tseng Shinji Tanimura 1986
Chemical reaction# Deric Wan Alan Tsui 1986
Night person Nadia Chan   1986
Midnight drumbeats* Julie Sue Alvin Kwok 1986
Rebellious Priscilla Chan Shigeki Watanabe 1986
Sinfully angelic Dominic Chow Dominic Chow 1986
Mirage Paula Tsui Mioko Yamaguchi 1986
Follow the dream Paula Tsui Mioko Yamaguchi 1986
Heart's tenant Deanie Ip Al McKay, Maurice White, Allee Willis 1986
Heartbreak lane Sandy Lam Joseph Curiale, Bob Garrett 1986
Done my part Roman Tam Joseph Koo 1986
Extra large* George Lam Rodney Temperton c.1986
Only the night knows* Julie Sue Violet Lam 1986
Lambo Stallone George Lam Andy Goldmark, Bruce Roberts 1986
Ethernal dance partner* Agnes Chiang Vincent Leung 1986
Forever well-off Susanne Ho 馮鏡輝 (Fung Kang Fai) 1986
World made of ice     1986
Because I love you Samantha Lam Gordon Campbell 1986
Half night more Teresa Carpio Takao Kisugi 1986
Something good Deanie Ip Sade Adu, Stuart Matthewman 1986
Boundless cosmos Sam Hui Donald Ashley 1986
Wicked girl Anita Mui Tsuyoshi Ujiki 1986
A crumpled dress Rowena Cortes Donald Ashley 1986
Oh my sister Sam Hui Sam Hui c.1986
I will live on# Sally Yeh Umberto Bindi 1986
My grieve Teresa Carpio Osny Melo 1986
Walk my way Samantha Lam Hiroaki Sei 1986
Station* Julie Sue, Danny Summer Violet Lam 1986
(lyrics by Richard Lam and Calvin Poon)      
First kiss Jacky Cheung Adam Vegvari 1986
Assassin Alan Tam Tats Lau 1986
Scornful* Zeta Wong Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes, John Taylor 1986
Lady of the night Anita Mui Michael Lai 1986
Night dancer Joe Lee   1986
Lone wayfarer George Lam David Foster 1986
The pigeon's story George Lam David Foster 1986
Slip off the mask   Lionel Richie 1986
East and west Sandy Lam Tomoko Tane c.1986
Thundercats George Lam Jules Bass, Bernard Hoffer 1986
Piano in a rainy night* Samantha Lam Ryudo Uzaki 1986
Way forward# Elisa Chan Cho Yong-pil 1986
Frenetic dancing queen Connie Mak Daisuke Inoue 1986
Tears of regret Sally Yeh Katsuo Ono 1986
Withered Amy Chan 馮鏡輝 (Fung Kang Fai) 1986
The sunset gazer David Lui   1986
Dwell on you every second Joan Teng Prince 1986
Wind, fire, sea Elisa Chan Chris Babida c.1986
Weeps, laughters Roman Tam Anthony Lun 1986
Outsider sees most of the game* Chris Wong Kyohei Tsutsumi 1986
Root Alan Tam Hisao Inoue 1986
Edge of the flame Leslie Cheung Takuji Sawamura 1986
Shattered Ken Choi 馮鏡輝 (Fung Kang Fai) 1986
Insight from a clam Albert Au, Michael Kwan, Lowell Lo Ricky Fung 1986
High speed realm Danny Summer Billy Squier 1986
Pretending# Danny Summer Bruce Springsteen 1986
Second choice Alan Tam Hiroaki Serizawa 1986
Old letters Alan Tam Hiroaki Serizawa 1986
Lonesome hunter Leslie Cheung Motoaki Masuo 1986
Never knew Alvin Kwok Alvin Kwok 1986
Lovers' lift Deanie Ip Dominic Bugatti 1986
Craving Priscilla Chan Akihiro Yoshimi 1986
Chain reaction* Sandy Lamb Dieter Bohlen 1986
City blues# Lowell Lo Lowell Lo 1986
There's once* Nadia Chan Joseph Koo 1986
One last night* Prudence Liew Tony Hendrik 1986
The last dream Danny Chan Leonard Bernstein 1986
Ultimatum Deanie Ip Richard Yung 1986
No licence drive Joe Lee Dieter Bohlen 1986
Generator* Anna Ueyama Robbie van Leeuwen 1986
Waiting for Sunday Connie Mak Alan Tsui 1986
Vanguards George Lam Mark Knopf 1986
Pitch-black midnight Leslie Cheung Ryoichi Kuniyoshi c.1986
Shocking beauty Alvin Kwok Alvin Kwok 1986
The yacht called Sorrow Johnny Ip Alan Tsui c.1986
Hard-working mama Deanie Ip, 散芬芳合唱團 (Shan Fun Fong Quartet) George Davis, John Taylor c.1986
In light breeze# 孫明光 (Suen Ming Kwong) Makoto Saito 1986
Acting like dumb Johnny Ip Alan Tsui 1986
Path Jenny Tseng Violet Lam 1986
Kissing in the hill under the darkness of night Connie Mak Jeff Lynne 1986
Checked baggage Tina Liu 吳大衛 (Wu Dawei) 1986
City girl Tina Liu 吳大衛 (Wu Dawei) 1987
Fancy dream Amy Chan Rene Novelles 1986
Short circuit Terence Tsoi Kenny Bee 1986
Stick together George Lam Ben E. King, Mike Stoller c.1986
Woman in the rumour Anita Mui Hiro Nagasawa 1986
Kiss from lady spider George Lam Astor Piazzolla 1986
Say something nice* Danny Summer Johnny Colla, Huey Lewis 1986
Fervour summer Albert Au Meiko Nakahara 1986
At the airport* Julie Sue Alan Tsui c.1986
Lust* Sandy Lam Giorgio Moroder 1986
Light me up# Terence Tsoi Terence Tsoi 1986
My dear one Sam Hui Sam Hui 1986
Dear ex-lover Jenny Keung Eugenio Nonoy Ocampo 1986
Riddles Jacqueline Man, Alex To Michael Lai c.1986
The hidden man Leslie Cheung Katsuo Ono 1986
On Friday Samantha Lam   1986
Simply love Susanna Kwan Wong Ching Yue 1986
Rain in blues Jacky Cheung Hideaki Tokunaga c.1986
Blast region Teresa Cheung Yuuko Ishikawa 1986
Foggy night Sandy Lamb   1986
Still in solitude* Ken Choi Hiro Tsunoda 1986
Caressing my lips Deanie Ip Ronald Miller 1986
Heart of iron Priscilla Chan Mahmood Rumjahn, Conrad Wong 1986
My learner boyfriend Happy Girls Miyuki Nakajima 1986
Give me all your love, boy Prudence Liew Richard Yung 1987
I'm your friend, I'm your lover* Sarah Wong Walter Gerke, Mick Hannes 1987
La Bamba Elisa Chan   1987
Locomotion Samantha Lam   1987
Maggie* Alan Tam Ryudo Uzaki c.1987
Mr. Lonely Tony Leung Peter Wong 1987
Mr. Yes Danny Summer David Hinds 1987
Oh no, oh yes* Anita Mui Mariya Takeuchi c.1987
Pa pa oh ma ma Albert Au, Natalis Chan, Teddy Robin, Alan Tam Al Frazier, Sonny Harris, Carl White, Turner Wilson Jr. 1987
Rock me tonight Sandy Lamb Yasuyuki Okamura 1987
The greatest song# Elisa Chan Chris Babida 1987
Tonight Cally Kwong Leonard Bernstein 1987
Turn up the radio Eddie Ng  Steven Isham, Steve Lynch, Steve Plunkett, Randy Rand, Keni Richards 1987
Valarie* Deric Wan Alan Tsui 1987
Leaving you for life* George Lam Violet Lam 1987
Make it clear once for all Elisa Chan Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland, Eddie Holland c.1987
Hearts should be boundless   Joseph Koo 1987
Earth sings in unison Various artists Joseph Koo 1987
Hill of blades and sea of fire Patricia Chan Marc De Coen, Liliane Keuninckx, Gyuri Spies 1987
Grade 8 flaming love Anthony Lun Kisaburo Suzuki 1987
Eighteen myriads of years* Deric Wan Alan Tsui c.1987
Hooked George Lam Robert Palmer c.1987
Miss secret agent Alvin Kwok Alvin Kwok 1987
Secret Scroll of Alvin Alvin Kwok Barry Blue, Paul Greedus 1987
Don't live in the street of woman blamers Priscilla Chan Troy Johnson, Lawrence Weir 1987
Five decades will change nothing Terence Tsoi Terence Tsoi c.1987
Still the same Kenny Bee Andrew Lam 1987
City in grey Kenny Bee Andrew Lam 1987
Midnight wolverine* Alvin Kwok Kyohei Tsutsumi 1987
Father taking afternoon nap# Nadia Chan Andrew Tuason 1987
Playful creatures Andy Hui Tsugutoshi Gotou 1987
Best beats in the world   Gloria Estefan, Enrique García 1987
When the sky comes down, think of it as just rice Jenny Tseng Chris Babida 1987
Sun and the stars Jacky Cheung Hideaki Tokunaga 1987
The fullest part of the Moon Emil Chau Emil Chau 1987
He's human too Alvin Kwok Alvin Kwok 1987
Brothers Jackie Chan Michael Lai 1987
Mr Macho Man Ann Bridgewater   1987
Batman of love Alvin Kwok Alvin Kwok 1987
Wrong number Danny Summer Tetsuro Oda 1987
Future world* Danny Summer Violet Lam c.1987
Mother Elisa Chan Sojiro 1987
Momma's memo* Connie Mak Randy Crawford 1987
A life bright as sun Jenny Tseng Joseph Koo 1987
Accompany throughout* Leslie Cheung Shinji Tanimura 1987
So long! Romance* Alan Tam Reona Inoue 1987
Danger zone Alex To Alan Tsui c.1987
Leaving for you* Samantha Lam Rob Hegel, Dick Wagner 1987
Because Chris Chan Stephen Bray, Madonna Ciccone 1987
Underground juries Danny Chan Chris Lowe, Neil Tennant 1987
Hell and heaven Sally Yeh Essra Mohawk c.1987
How ironic it is* Julie Sue Violet Lam 1987
Grey Sandy Lam Wayne Brown, Iris Femando, Tambi Femando 1987
I can feel my might Mark Cheng   1987
Flaming tango Anita Mui Michael Lai 1987
Stay-at-home man Sandy Lam Tim Cross, Rick Fenn, Michael Frye, Mike Oldfield, Morris Pert, Maggie Reilly c.1987
That blood sucking woman Danny Summer Andrew Farriss, Michael Hutchence c.1987
Friend Ram Chiang   1987
Yelling Chris Wong Andrew Gold, Graham Gouldman 1987
Grit Emil Chau Jimi Jamison, Jim Peterik, Frankie Sullivan 1987
Tender at night Susanne Ho Law Wing Fai 1987
Weird lady Johnny Ip Michelle Grainger, Tony Hayes, Steve Wadey 1987
A lonely war# George Lam Frank Noël 1985
Fear for what Grasshopper Kyohei Tsutsumi 1987
Sexy eyes Jenny Keung   1987
Not fooling around no more Leslie Cheung Koji Tamaki 1987
70 Flower Street George Lam David Amy, Robert Cray, Richard Cousins 1987
So very long Dominic Chow Stephen Bray, Daniel Gilroy 1987
The story of Ah Yung Ken Choi Masashi Sada 1987
Symphony of youth     1987
Bogus cinephile Sara Lee Prince 1987
Courageous love# George Lam Peter Cetera, David Foster, Diane Nini 1985
Red lips and champagne Agnes Chiang Tamotsu Maeda 1987
Mermaid Roman Tam   1987
Chasing wind in the wind Ken Choi 馮鏡輝 (Fung Kang Fai) 1987
Singing alone by the sea# Sally Yeh Bruce Gaitsch, Patrick Leonard, Madonna 1987
The huntress with tattoo Roman Tam Alan Tsui c.1987
Leopardess as mate Connie Mak Carlo Karges, Uwe Fahrenkrog-Petersen 1987
Puzzling love Jacky Cheung Lo Tayu 1987
Tapping piano with a glass Joseph Tay, Sarah Wong Jean-Luc Drion c.1987
Let's cheers George Lam, Sally Yeh Hiroaki Serizawa 1987
If I were a man Anita Mui Michael Lai 1987
Fake thrill Alan Tam Dave Meniketti, Taylor Rhodes 1987
Enough Leslie Cheung Antonio Arevalo Jr 1987
Breakdown Samantha Lam Masayuki Suzuki 1987
Cuddle Samantha Lam Masayuki Suzuki 1987
Free-spirited Samantha Lam Masayuki Suzuki 1987
The past, future, and today George Lam Smokey Robinson, Ronald White 1987
Concede Ken Choi Keiko Matsui 1987
Agony Ken Choi Keiko Matsui c.1987
The hauted cop shop Ricky Hui Johnson Tang 1987
Look don't touch Connie Mak Johnny Kidd 1987
Second year alone* Sandy Lamb Chris Babida 1987
These eyes look only at you Prudence Liew Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio 1987
Tedium Sam Hui Bruce Springsteen 1987
For the last time Anita Mui Alan Tam c.1987
No place for love Orlando Delfino Lou Gramm, Mick Jones c.1987
No holds barred one night Kris Lou (born Ng Yuk Chi) Peter van Asten, Richard de Bois 1987
The ceaseless wind David Lui Anthony Lun 1987
Hot stuff Samantha Lam Gouji Tsuno c.1987
Answer Sally Yeh Koji Tamaki 1987
The season of guitar Alan Tam Alan Tam 1987
Not taking rest Alex To   1987
Give me a thousand years DJs from RTHK Violet Lam 1987
The speeding train     1987
Silly girl Priscilla Chan Maria Luisa Diego, Maria Teresa Diego 1987
Wanna camping with you# Sandy Lamb Howard Jones 1987
Einstein Jacky Cheung Kazuo Shiina 1987
Killer of love Leslie Cheung Motoki Funayama 1987
Batman of love# Alvin Kwok Kyohei Tsutsumi 1987
Rock me Connie Mak Gary Tong 1987
Obsessed David Lui Michael Lai 1987
Dream speeder Yolinda Yan Joey Carbone, Kazuo Yoshie 1987
Superstar Jessica Joseph Tay Joseph Tay 1987
Grow me a flower Alvin Kwok Alvin Kwok 1987
The oath# Teresa Cheung   1987
Flaming Eddie Ng  Marc Bolan 1987
In the heat Leslie Cheung Bob Crewe, Kenny Nolan 1987
Caprice# Sally Yeh Stephen Bray, Madonna 1987
Anyone can get Susanne Ho Law Wing Fai 1987
Don't cross the line Leslie Cheung Ichinen Yamagiki 1987
Picking up cruelty David Lui Masafumi Nishida 1987
Whatever Dominic Chow Vladimir Ivorys, Pablo Pencil c.1987
Rumour Alex To Yoshiyuki Osawa c.1987
Just chill up* Mark Cheng, Orlando Delfino, George Lam Artie Resnick, Kenny Young c.1987
Mr. Magnetic* Samantha Lam Stefano Montin 1987
Hawk and star Sandy Lam Alan Tsui 1987
Bang bang! Elisa Chan Sonny Bono 1988
Cry Jacky Cheung Lisa Catherine Cohen, David Hallyday 1988
Honey honey Zeta Wong Bobby Bloom, Ritchie Cordell, Bo Gentry, Tommy James c.1988
When in touch Sandy Lam Michael Jay c.1988
Wine cellar of life Blue Jeans Peter Wong 1988
Lives should be a little mad     c.1988
Still be hollow David Lui Barry Alfonso, Tom Snow 1988
Maybe that's just it* Elisa Chan Richard Yuen 1988
The grand dreamer Blue Jeans Firmin So 1988
Won't go home tonight Ken Choi Rod Antoon, Toshinobu Kubota 1988
6 days & 6 nights# Sandy Lamb Gloria Estefan, Enrique Garcia 1988
Masquerade Roman Tam Alan Tsui 1988
Fight of the century Leslie Cheung Mitchell Bottler, Gary Zekley 1988
The gale gang Leslie Cheung Mitchell Bottler, Gary Zekley 1988
The missing girl George Lam Brookhouse Drummond, Benedick Pierrot, Anderson Thorp c.1988
Break up anniversary# Elisa Chan Kisaburo Suzuki 1988
Always be your good friend Blue Jeans Pal Sinn, Peter Wong 1988
A song for life George Lam   c.1988
Night of thunderstorm Sandy Lam Chico Bennett 1988-08
Grew up Jackie Chan Alan Tam c.1988
Interesting with your presence# Mark Cheng Jordi Cubino 1988
Just before death* Danny Summer M. Nasir 1988
Weeping of guitar* Danny Summer M. Nasir 1988
Oldies Sally Yeh   1988
You are my man Sandy Lam Evert Verhees 1988
Your pretty persistence* Danny Summer Michael Sembello 1988
I'm always looking Elisa Chan   1988
Sandy's radio   Alvin Kwok 1988
Coquettish* Elisa Chan Phil Chen, Jim Cregan, Gary Grainger, Kevin Savigar 1988
North, south, east, west Jenny Tseng Chris Babida c.1988
Red roses Sally Yeh Mayumi Itsuwa 1988
Ruby lips emerald wine Jenny Tseng Louiguy 1988
Nice dream in the heart Sally Yeh Giorgio Moroder 1988
Devil woman Alvin Kwok Masami Tsuchiya 1988
Forgive my forgetting Au Yeung Tak Fan Kenjirou Sakiya 1988
Footprints on sand Kenny Bee Peter Wong 1988
Wind beneath the wings# Elisa Chan Kenji Kitajima 1988
Breakdown Bowie Lam Kikkawa Koji 1988
Never believed so firmly Chris Wong Antonio Arevalo Jr 1988
Start over Sally Yeh Gilbert Bécaud 1988
Cuddle me closely Sally Yeh Carol Connors, David Shire 1988
Single girl Jenny Tseng Chris Babida 1988
Eligible bachelor Sandy Lamb Romano Musumarra, Roberto Zaneli 1988
Best actor Sandy Lam Carly Simon 1988
Coming across Maria Cordero Yao Min 1988
Rave by the street Prudence Liew Richard Yung 1988
Leopardess of the night Anita Mui Anthony Lun 1988
Smiling through the tears Alan Tam Alan Tam 1988
Passion broadcaster* Sandy Lamb, Brenda Lo, 露比 (Ruby) Ernie Gold, Seth Swirsky 1988
Love you, leave you Alvin Kwok Yuuji Oodoi 1988
Sea of love Ken Choi George Khoury, Phil Phillips 1988
Winter full of fallen leaves Ken Choi Chris Babida 1988
Sweating* Sandy Lam Cindy Guidry, Greg Guidry 1988
Register first Baby Bo Pat Benatar, Holly Knight, Chris McDaniels 1988
Burning my eyes Leslie Cheung Wayne Bickerton, Tony Waddington c.1988
So deserving Wind & Cloud Ray Wang c.1988
Mementos# Roman Tam Kisaburo Suzuki 1988
The one hidden in a coccoon Shirley Kwan Richard Yuen 1988
A shipwreck Yolinda Yan Tokiko Kato 1988
Searching in a foggy night Chris Wong Chris Wong 1988
Sinister girl Alan Tam Alan Mansfield, Sharon O'Neill 1988
ABC Grasshopper Kyohei Tsutsumi 1989
Dancing boy Priscilla Chan Takayuki Inoue c.1989
I'll return Priscilla Chan Takayuki Inoue c.1989
Forever love you Leslie Cheung Bruce Springsteen 1989
Hot night* Danny Chan Andrew Tuason 1989
In the city Hacken Lee  Henri Belolo, Jacques Morali, Victor Willis 1989
Jo Jo Patrick Tam Violet Lam c.1989
Kiss Timothy Wong Prince 1989
Linda Jacky Cheung Keiji Katayama 1989
Linda Jacky Cheung Keiji Katayama c.1989
Miss you much Leslie Cheung James Harris III, Terry Lewis 1989
We all play games Lo Tayu Lo Tayu 1989
What's Your Name Grasshopper Jimmy Johnson 1989
Why* Leslie Cheung Babyface, L.A. Reid, Daryl Simmons 1989
City by the minute, love by the minute Sandy Lam Babyface, L.A. Reid, Daryl Simmons 1989
Not changing ever… be my Valentine Anthony Lun Andy Hill, Peter Sinfield 1989
Keep falling silent Dave Wang Richard Yuen 1989
The night Connie Mak Leslie Cheung 1989
Shopaholic James Wong   1989
Thousands of songs Priscilla Chan Koji Makaino c.1989
There's no fun Candice Tai Marta Marrero, Michael Miltenberg 1989
Weather today's ho-ho-ho Yolinda Yan Bliot Wolff 1989
Are you alone tonight? Norman Cheung Nick Kamen, Jeff Pescetto, Tony Sciuto c.1989
Midnight running Jacqueline Man Anthony Lun 1989
Dancing moon Norman Cheung Taizo Jinouchi 1989
A flaming red life Anita Mui Michael Lai 1989
He Sally Yeh Juan Carlos Calderón 1989
End of an era Sarah Wong Donald Ashley c.1989
Mother's hands* Nadia Chan Joseph Koo c.1989
Never give in Elisa Chan Peter Ng, Richard Yuen 1989
Bye-bye being 19 Angela Pang John Lin 1989
So long, keep smiling Shirely Wong   1989
Frozen heart Sandy Lamb Kevin Lin 1989
As I have you Andy Hui Eric Carmen, Dean Pitchford 1989
Give me one more night Jenny Tseng Michael Cretu 1989
Having you* George Lam Gene Nelson, Paul Nelson c.1989
Bloody Mary Shirley Kwan Dominic Chow 1989
But it's too late now Alvin Kwok Tetsuro Oda 1989
Oh why Alvin Kwok Alvin Kwok 1989
How are you? Ringo Chan John Deacon, Brain May, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor 1989
For once if only you can see Nadia Chan Debbie Gibson c.1989
You know, I know Alan Tam Per Gessle 1989
Who are you Cherrie Choi Debbie Gibson 1989
You have awakened my soul* Danny Summer Dieter Bohlen 1989
Don't give empty promises Roman Tam JohnnyBug Chen 1989
Forget him Nadia Chan Debbie Gibson 1989
I'll remember you forever Ram Chiang Ram Chiang 1989
Trap is my street name Patrick Tam Violet Lam 1989
I want Chu-chu James Wong   1989
I have earned* Tai Chi Tai Chi 1989
How I think of life* Sandy Lamb Lowell Lo 1989
Nights are not for sale Patrick Tam Dennis DeYoung 1989
Unforgotten face Eugenia Chow Debbie Gibson 1989
Fruitless relationship Chris Wong Kisaburo Suzuki 1989
Love letter in the sand Nadia Chan John Frederick Coots 1989
Docile Yolinda Yan Annie Lennox, Patrick Seymour, Dave Stewart, Charlie Wilson 1989
Beforehand Prudence Liew Joey Ou 1989
Afterwards Prudence Liew Andrew Tuason 1989
Come! Keep going! Nadia Chan Debbie Gibson 1989
Come on Prudence Liew Ryudo Uzaki 1989
Still Sandy Lam Antonina Armato, Beppe Cantarelli c.1989
My fate is in my hands* Sally Yeh Anthony Lun 1989
One o'clock at night* Alex To David Paul Bryant, Steve Dubin, Robbie Nevil 1989
Unbounded for life* Elisa Chan Alan Tsui 1989
Secluded road* Norman Cheung Babyface, L.A. Reid, Daryl Simmons c.1989
When wake up next morning Julie Sue Jonathan Cain, Steve Perry 1989
How are you, buddy? Roman Tam Shinji Tanimura 1989
Fooling Prudence Liew Full Force 1989
Playboy Jacky Cheung Koji Tamaki 1989
Speeding through the rain   Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg 1989
Symphony of youth DJs from RTHK Alvin Kwok 1989
The nicest woman in the world* Julie Sue Richard Yuen 1989
Roar Chow Yun Fat Lo Tayu 1989
Dust in a whirlwind Chow Yun Fat Lo Tayu c.1989
Despair of the storm Priscilla Chan Antonio Arevalo Jr 1989
Hello, sorrow Priscilla Chan Antonio Arevalo Jr 1989
Trendy styles Shirley Kwan Per Gessle 1989
The mute who cries for Maria Sandy Lamb Andrew Tuason 1989
Suddenly Sandy Lamb Carole Bayer Sager, Toni Wine 1989
Beautiful once Patrick Tam Paul Yeung c.1989
Reencounter David Lui Louie Ocampo, Gina Tabuena-Godinez 1989
Fly Baby Bo Michael Bissell 1989
Let me love you* Echo Matt Aitken, Mike Stock, Peter Waterman c.1989
Mr More-or-less Albert Au Fabrizio De André, Gian Piero Reverberi, Franco Zauli 1989
Really sorry Cally Kwong Laurent Boutonnat c.1989
Star chaser Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1989
Fleeing the stell forest Sandy Lam Peter Ross, Barbara Trzetrzelewska 1989
Tall and strong George Lam Charlie Francis, Neil Stainton c.1989
Be happy and healthy   Violet Lam 1989
Didn't know it's so painful Eddie Ng  Steve Lukather 1989
The stars are charming Ann Bridgewater   1989
Late night at three Connie Mak Bruce Brody, Smantha Brown, Gregg Sutton 1989
Indigo Joseph Tay Joseph Tay 1989
Wicked lady from Asakusa* Dominic Chow Dominic Chow c.1989
Tonight so moving Cherrie Choi   1989
Wanted person# Tai Chi Tai Chi 1989
That last inch Sally Yeh Barbara Anne Hawkins 1989
The quiet partners Jenny Tseng Chris Babida 1989
Superhuman Norman Cheung Babyface, L.A. Reid, Daryl Simmons 1989
Mess mess mess* Nadia Chan Joseph Koo 1989
Comrades of love* Lo Tayu Lo Tayu 1989
Love like crazy Cally Kwong Jesse Johnson c.1989
Kind Pang in X'mas James Wong   1989
The news report* Danny Summer Lo Tayu 1989
Will that be me Candice Tai Andre Cymone, Jody Watley 1989
Censored film Leslie Cheung Elliot Wolff 1989
It has… always been like this Danny Chan Tsunehiro Izumi 1989
The window across David Lui Joseph Chan 1989
Better take it slowly Sally Yeh Michael Jackson 1989
Slow motion Prudence Liew Piet Van den Heuvel, Jan Verheyen 1989
Preoccupied Blue Jeans Peter Wong 1989
Bye bye bad boy Sarah Wong Dino Fekaris, Freddie Perren 1989
Cracking the night Hacken Lee  Lau Chi Yuen, Kubert Leung 1989
Caprice Yolinda Yan Pascal Gabriel, Tim Simenon 1989
Burn* Sandy Lam Anthony Lun 1989
Kiss Jacky Cheung Peter Lee  1989
Steel-ribbed umbrella Jacky Cheung Violet Lam 1989
The one behind the piano Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1989
You have it coming Alan Tam John Christoforou, John Holliday, Trevor Steel, Milan Zekavica 1989
A night like gauze David Lui Michael Tu 1989
Excuses Shirley Wong 李子恆 (Li Tzu Heng) 1989
Let's drink unconsious tonight Anita Mui Hachidai Nakamura 1989
Defence witness Thomas Chan Alvin Kwok c.1989
Learn English through songs Sally Yeh   1989
Everything* Shirely Wong Cole Gardner, James Newton Howard 1990
Go go away boy Shadow Chow Rick Hahn 1990
Goodbye school days Edmond Leung Akira Okamoto 1990
I'm in love* Timothy Wong Babyface, L.A. Reid, Daryl Simmons 1990
Number one Anita Mui Anthony Lun 1990
Cover girl Anita Mui Anthony Lun 1990
The fool# Danny Summer Violet Lam 1990
Thousand and one springs and winters Alan Tam Alan Tsui 1990
Blow up in a minute Shirley Kwan Dominic Chow 1990
A better life than mine Leon Lai Masaaki Kinowa 1990
Dedicate my life to you Yolinda Yan Andrew Tuason 1990
Affairs and feelings Alvin Kwok Alvin Kwok 1990
Keep on smiling Lydia Shum Asanee Chotikul 1990
Mosquito George Lam Carmen Taylor, Arthur Truscott 1990
Carnival of life Aling Choi Ulises Hermosa 1990
Worldwide carnival Aling Choi Ulises Hermosa 1990
Another night raining* Patrick Tam Koji Tamaki 1990
I'm still waiting Shirely Wong Deke Richards 1990
Shouldn't have spent the night together Susanne Ho Frannie Golde, Bruce Roberts 1990
Tatami in Ropponki Prudence Liew Gary Tong 1990
The fax at night Prudence Liew Andrew Tuason 1990
Weather report# Blue Jeans Peter Wong 1990
Top of Eiffel Shirely Wong EPO 1990
Hearts together Norman Cheung, Cally Kwong Howard Greenfield, Ken Hirsch 1990
Sun rises and sets* George Lam George Lam 1990
Flame in flame* Timothy Wong Jane Child  1990
Realm of fire Grasshopper Andy Paley, Paul Pesco, David Rudder, Jeff Vincent 1990
Norther Alan Tam Ole Jacob Evenrud, Trond Holter 1990
Would you please? George Lam Marcus Miller, David Sanborn 1990
Great song Anita Mui William Attaway, Irving Burgie 1990
Seeing you again Jacky Cheung Dan Fogelberg 1990
Farewell* Andy Lau Sky Wu c.1990
Freezed sun* Dave Wang Ricky Ho 1990
Quake Jacky Cheung Carole King 1990
Thanks Sandy Lam Robert Clivillés 1990
If there's no you Jacky Cheung Rafael Ferro 1990
Carnival of colours–Giordano#   Anthony Lun 1990
You're a sin Patrick Tam Cyndi Lauper, Tom Kelly, Billy Steinberg 1990
Don't keep my world from moving on Shirley Kwan Janet Jackson 1990
Don't keep me waiting Shirley Kwan Philip Chan 1990
Risk it Shirley Kwan Philip Chan 1990
City of personae Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1990
Turtle power Grasshopper James Alpern, Richard Usher 1990
Loving you more everyday Jacky Cheung Keisuke Kuwata 1990
Every time I spread my wings Anthony Lun Stevie Vincent 1990
Personal place Prudence Liew Richard Yuen 1990
Those fine days Susanne Ho Anthony Lun 1990
Linger Prudence Liew Cyril Assous 1990
Night life* Sandy Lam Babyface, L.A. Reid, Daryl Simmons 1990
Revealed at night Patrick Tam Koji Tamaki 1990
Happy birthday, my little sister Queenie Chan Day Leung 1990
Monologue of money Grasshopper Stevie Vincent, Mick Walsh 1990
How long it's to go* Ram Chiang Lo Tayu 1990
California in the rain Shadow Chow Robert John Lange c.1990
View of the stars* George Lam Steve Cropper, Otis Redding 1990
Is it Eddie Ng  Eddie Ng  1990
Happy for my younger brother Leon Lai   1990
Queen's Road East   Lo Tayu 1990
Autumns come and gone Sally Yeh 熊美玲 (Hsiung Mei Ling) 1990
Beautiful vibes Shirely Wong Lewis Martineé 1990
Beautiful tale Angela Pang, Ram Chiang Michael Cruz 1990
Wind chimes Angela Pang Esther Kwok c.1990
Rippled reflections on the lake Anita Mui   1990
Wildfire spreading Queenie Chan Joey Tempest 1990
The puzzling state Hacken Lee  Dominic Chow 1990
Rush for a joke Shirely Wong Violet Lam 1990
At feud Jacqueline Man James Harris III, Janet Jackson, Terry Lewis 1990
Lover's tree   Haruhiko Kawakami 1990
Love is hollow, love is reverie Echo Charles Mole, Tessa Niles 1990
Dreams and peace Alan Tam Giorgio Moroder 1990
First night since* Sally Yeh Anthony Lun 1990
Trickles persist Aling Choi Manuel Alejandro, Marian Beigbeder 1990
A call from the wild* Shadow Chow Yoshimasa Inoue 1990
A joy to love you Timothy Wong Reginald Calloway, Vincent Calloway 1990
Don't know why Shirely Wong Joey Ou 1990
Childhood dreams Danny Summer Susumu Hirasawa 1990
A cheer for love Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1990
Slanted Sandy Lam Ted Currier, Gary Henry 1990
The basic law of love Anita Mui J. Vincent Edwards, Pierre Tubbs 1990
Eyes flame with love 董嵐 (Dong Lan)   1990
When roses are no more Shirley Kwan Violet Lam 1990
Saint Seiya Patrick Tam Violet Lam 1990
The path… there's no more finally Anita Mui Anthony Lun 1990
Road after road Alan Tam Alan Tam 1990
Dancing sneakers Hacken Lee  Koji Tamaki 1990
Burning dream Sammi Cheng Adnan bin Abu Hassan 1990
Crazy Sandy Lam Trevor Gale, Kenneth Hairston 1990
Shadow dance Alex To Toshinobu Kubota 1990
Cover up Alex To Antonio Chen 1990
Raindrops on my heart Susanne Ho Miyuki Nakajima 1990
Sectary of devil# Andy Lau Angus Tung 1990
Because I love you# Alex To Warren Allen Brooks 1991
Chai Yo# Hacken Lee  Tik Shiro 1991
All for what# Tai Chi Bon Jovi 1991
Heartbroken for life# Dave Wang Dave Wang 1991
More than one night# Alex To Joel Davis 1991
Still love only you# Sally Yeh Diane Warren 1991
Still dream of you, still dream of me# Sally Yeh Adnan bin Abu Hassan 1991
Born to love you# Alex To Ed Wilson  1991
Know too well# Cally Kwong Neil Boisen 1991
Reincarnated love# Sandy Lam Dick Lee 1991
Give me more of those# Prudence Liew Gary Tong 1991
Are you still in love with me? # George Lam Barbara Aclin, Eugene Record 1991
How can you leave me heartbroken# Canti Lau  Huang Pin Yuan 1991
Speed up# Sally Yeh Kenny Harris, Mark Holden, Harvey Price 1991
I can do it# Jackie Chan, Alan Tam Alan Tam 1991
Pair of lone islands# Deric Wan Deric Wan 1991
The night became saucy# Prudence Liew Andrew Tuason 1991
Don't you know# Alan Tam Cho Yong-pil 1991
Believe in yourself# Alex To, Sally Yeh James Harris III, Terry Lewis 1991
Brezze in spring and rain in autumn# Sally Yeh Jonathan Lee 1991
Is it accident, or love# Face To Face Anthony Lun 1991
Jingle for Cathay Pacific Airline commercial Sally Yeh   c.1991
Love ended in Vienna# Sammi Cheng Gary Benson, Frank Wildborne 1991
Woman of godfather# Anita Mui Yasuo Higuchi 1991
Wild flowers# Sandy Lam Dick Lee 1991
Standing tall# Tai Chi Tai Chi 1991
Love unended# Andy Lau Andrew Tuason 1991
Love's like a blade# Sam Tsang Hitonari Tsuji 1991
Love me thoroughly# Yolinda Yan Will Hammond Jr., Tuhin Roy, Jake Smith 1991
New year wishes# Prudence Liew Anthony Lun 1991
Princess of dreams# Anita Mui Ken Leray, Clive Westlake 1991
With thousand hearts# Sally Yeh 蔡宗政 (Tsai Tsung Cheng) 1991
Solitary# Elizabeth Lee  Daikou Nagato 1991
Turbulence# Andy Hui Kassu Halonen, Kisu Jernström 1991
Slickers vs killers# Alex To Lowell Lo 1991
Come back to me# Gary Chua 王致祥 (Ong Chee Chiang) 1992
I'm on fire# Aaron Kwok Elkin Marin 1992
Party of one# KC Lee Naoki Otsubo 1992
A lifelong love# Canti Lau  Kenji Hayashida 1992
Yours for life# Canti Lau  Kozo Murashita 1992
A little knowledge# Andy Lau Barry Harris, Bob Mitchell 1992
Lifelong tenderness# Sally Yeh Sky Wu 1992
You among all the people# George Lam George Lam 1992
Can’t command# Alex To JohnnyBug Chen 1992
Solitude still lingers# Veronica Yip Huang Pin Yuan 1992
Still longing for# Aaron Kwok Kazumasa Oda 1992
Swinging at night# George Lam Tito Puente 1992
A long rest# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1992
Let me see you once again# Prudence Liew 馮鏡輝 (Fung Kang Fai) 1992
As you're irreplacable# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1992
Morning trains# Beyond Wong Ka Kui, Paul Wong, Steve Wong 1992
Western snowflakes eastern love# Elisa Chan Gary Tong 1992
Hope to be more than friends# Leon Lai Kisaburo Suzuki c.1992
Yours eyes are like autumn at its height# Prudence Liew 蔣三省 (Chiang San Sheng) 1992
Who are you# Joyce Lee, Anthony Lun Marvin Hamlisch  1992
Don't battle alone# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1992
Every minute# Alex To Skylark 1992
Those fine days# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1992
In the rain at night# Elaine Ho Seiji Matsuura 1992
There'll be a day# Sandy Lam George Michael 1992
Close friends# Canti Lau  Noriyuki Makihara 1992
Thoughts# Prudence Liew Andrew Tuason 1992
Gave his life for# Tai Chi Patrick Lui 1992
Teasing# Veronica Yip Antonio Arevalo Jr 1992
Real woman# Sally Yeh Simon Franglen, Harriet Roberts 1992
True feelings# Jacky Cheung Keisuke Kuwata 1992
Wish you happy birthday# Andy Lau Takao Kisugi 1992
Pretend# Andy Lau 陳秀男 (Chen Hsiu Nan), 陳大力 (Chen Ta Li) 1992
Never loved like this# Dave Wang Iskandar Ismail  1992
Clear stream# George Lam Miller Frank, Dehr Richard, Gilkyson Terry 1992
Make me happy, please# Julian Cheung Miyuki Nakajima 1992
These…those…# Shirley Wong EPO 1992
This place# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1992
Like warm fire in the snow# Elizabeth Lee  José Luis Perales 1992
Love you being yourself# Andy Hui Keisuke Kuwata 1992
No matter which day# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1992
Give me please# Alex To Frank D'Alessandro, Tolda Katas 1992
Stream of warmness# Sally Yeh Anthony Lun 1992
When you lean on me# Kenny Bee Jerry Gin  1992
Wake up# Sandy Lam Anthony Lun 1992
Thank you# Julian Cheung Paolo Manavello, Ricardo Montaner 1992
Love then‧love now# KC Lee Anthony Lun 1992
Beloved# Sandy Lam 陳秀男 (Chen Hsiu Nan) 1992
Your night deceived# Elisa Chan Peter Michael Escovedo 1992
My love# Vikki Tong Steve Dorff, Larry Herbstritt, Harry Lloyd, Gloria Sklerov 1992
Abruptly# Prudence Liew Antonio Arevalo Jr 1992
Jealousy# Priscilla Chan Miyuki Nakajima 1993
Laura# Andy Lau 翁孝良 (Weng Hsiao Liang) 1993
Let me be the one# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1993
Only you, only me# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1993
Thousand and one winters# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1993
Every inch# Aaron Kwok Kiichi Yokoyama 1993
Separated from sky by the water# Sammi Cheng 于粦 (Yu Lin) 1993
Hundred million and a thousand days# Stephanie Che Joseíto Fernández 1993
Can't let go# Aaron Kwok Koji Tamaki 1993
Love surpasses mountains and sky# Anthony Lun Nicholas Ashford, Valerie Simpson 1993
Unspeakable dream# Prudence Liew Masamichi Sugi 1993
No more fooling# Shirley Wong C.Y. Kong 1993
Won't cry in front of you# Charlie Young Miyuki Nakajima 1993
Inappropriate love# Annie Leung Joe Pasquale 1993
Treat you well every minute# Kenny Bee Reg Presley 1993
At small hours# Esther Khoo Alice Cristol 1993
48 hours# Alex To Paul Myers 1993
Have to love you# Canti Lau  Kazumasa Oda 1993
Walking through all the storms to come# Esther Khoo Wan Zul 1993
Fine woman# Liz Kong Per Gessle, Mats Persson 1993
If you play nice# Veronica Yip Samm Chan 1993
Like wind# Shirley Wong Phil Chang 1993
You're 100% the best# Julian Cheung Glenn Monroig 1993
You're leaving today# Sally Yeh 熊美玲 (Hsiung Mei Ling) 1993
You're always dearest# Dicky Cheung Seishirou Kusunose 1993
I'm always by your side# Priscilla Chan Chen Le Jung, Chen Yang 1993
I've never lived# Anthony Lun David Foster, Linda Thompson 1993
I'll always treasure we two# Shirley Wong Alfredo Díaz Ordaz 1993
Hold a grudge on you# Cass Phang Chris Yu 1993
Wanna see you every minute# Julian Cheung Takashi Tsushimi 1993
In every morning# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1993
Every tomorrow# Sammi Cheng Satoshi Kimura 1993
Fanatical# Sally Yeh Babyface, L.A. Reid, Daryl Simmons 1993
Don't wanna leave# Sammi Cheng Makoto Sekiguchi 1993
The burning night# Esther Khoo   1993
Unrestrained# Wind Sea Fire Ralf René Maué 1993
Suddenly# Alex To Neil Boisen 1993
All for nought# Sally Yeh Cheng Hua-Jiuan 1993
Evergreen# Esther Khoo Tik Shiro 1993
Sunshine after rain# Andy Hui Tetsuro Oda 1993
Yesterday, today, rainy days# Angela Pang Ryudo Uzaki 1993
If I let you kiss# Sandy Lam Jonathan Lee 1993
Greatness# Karsin Berthel Koichi Sugiyama 1993
Never like being by myself# Angela Pang, William So 許卿耀 (Hsu Ching Yao), Kevin Lin 1993
The field of love is a battlefield# Karsin Berthel Joseph Hwang 1993
Try a guess# Raymond Choi, Annie Leung 劉天健 (Liu Tien Chien) 1993
How are you tonight# Cass Phang C.Y. Kong 1993
Never-ending love# Shirley Kwan Roy Li 1993
Macho man, hot woman# Andy Lau 陳秀男 (Chen Hsiu Nan), 陳大力 (Chen Ta Li) 1993
The answer is you# Andy Lau Andrew Tuason 1993
Coincidence# Prudence Liew Andrew Tuason 1993
Loved one# Julie Sue Violet Lam 1993
Silly in love la la la# Benny Chan, Stephanie Che, Sammi Cheng, Andrew Cheung, Peter Cheung, Andy Hui, Ferren Lee, Edmond Leung Hiroshi Ishikawa 1993
Crush in secret# Andy Lau Galon Hsu 1993
Crazed leopardess# Esther Khoo Joe Cheung 1993
The storyteller# Alex To Vincent-Marie Bouvot, Georges Lunghini 1993
Generous hearts# Various Anthony Lun 1993
Expands when hot, contract when cool# Sammi Cheng C. Y. Kong 1993
No need to be too courteous# Shirley Wong, Soft Hard Rob Gallagher, Crispin Robinson, Pharoah Sanders, Leon Thomas, Constantine Weir 1993
Stunning# Sandy Lam Keizou Nakanishi 1993
Dance of hair# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1993
Intrude my dreams# Liz Kong Anthony Lun 1993
For Pauline# Tai Chi Joey Tang, 文仔 (Man Chai) 1993
ABCD# Joel Chan Noriyuki Makihara 1994
I will be here for you# Eric Suen  Diane Warren, Michael Smith 1994
Hundred percent loving you# Edmond Leung Seishirou Kusunose 1994
One night, six nights, seven nights# Rita Carpio C.Y. Kong 1994
7 days & 7 nights# Liz Kong Alex San 1994
A song of what# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1994
Women's dream# Rita Carpio Meiko Nakahara 1994
Can't be without you# George Lam George Lam 1994
Wait till you arrive# Sally Yeh   1994
Don't let the eyes keep raining# Cass Phang Ernest Williamson, Nikons Lyras, Curtiss Boons 1994
Won't quietly wait for you# Liz Kong Tracy Ackerman, Tim Lever, Mike Percy 1994
Today, yesterday# Danny Summer Danny Summer 1994
Heaven and earth# Shirley Wong Phil Chang 1994
Any day short will be too short# Julian Cheung Yasuhiro Yamane 1994
The field of heart# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1994
Effort# Andy Hui Tetsuro Oda 1994
North south west east# Dick Lee Dick Lee 1994
Starting from Monday# Andy Hui Toshiaki Matsumoto 1994
Paradox# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1994
Come back let me love you# Andy Hui Kenji Hayashida 1994
More of those# Sandy Lam Anthony Lun 1994
A night spent with you# Dick Lee Dick Lee 1994
You left me desiring# Alex To C.Y. Kong 1994
You're a friend# George Lam George Lam 1994
Gentleman should make a move# Alec Su Adky Wun 1994
Whenever sun sets# 甘子暉 (Kam Tsz Fai) Hsu Chia Liang, Li Hsiu Chen 1994
A niche and thick fantasy# Nicky Wu Sumitada Azumano 1994
Afraid of dark# Emil Chau Emil Chau 1994
Hearts of friends# Andrew Cheung, Peter Cheung, Gabriel Harrison, Andy Hui, Edmond Leung Miyuki Nakajima 1994
Until heaven and earth are no more# Ekin Cheng Yoshihiko Bessho 1994
Story of Chicago# Sandy Lam Rika Arakawa  1994
Wandering flower# David Lui Miyuki Nakajima 1994
Jump to it# KC Lee Anthony Lun 1994
Bias# Jacklyn Wu Howard Killy 1994
The first place# Edmond Leung Kenichi Kurosawa 1994
One hand clapping# George Lam George Lam 1994
Superb world = you + me# KC Lee Ryo Aska 1994
Unconditioned love# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1994
Love till I'm heartbroken# Kenny Ho 王文清 (Wang Wen Ching) 1994
Wind, sea, fire of love# Wind Sea Fire Joseph Wong 1994
Love once more in dreams# Jacky Cheung Anders Widmark 1994
Exercise the lips# Nadia Chan Raymond Wang 1994
Please come back soon# Anita Mui Antonio Arevalo Jr 1994
Free smack for you# Beyond Paul Wong, Steve Wong, Wing Yip 1994
Romeo and Juliet in Sarajevo# Sammi Cheng Miyuki Nakajima 1994
Big bad girl# Anita Mui Tetsuro Oda 1995
Delight for one# William So Andrew Tuason 1995
The one who is willing to enter a fire for you# Ekin Cheng Punk Chan 1995
Don't miss you, still miss you# Priscilla Chan Liang Wern Fook 1995
You are in my heart# Eugenia Ma Eugenia Ma 1995
Is it fine to have more# Julian Cheung Koji Tamaki 1995
Composing my own act# Liz Kong Ryo Aska 1995
Tough# Aaron Kwok Mark Lui  1995
Thinking about hometown# Aaron Kwok Kiyoshi Kakinuma 1995
Love, love you most# Cass Phang C.Y. Kong 1995
Not destined# David Lui 羅文聰 (Lo Wen Tsung) 1995
Girl singer# Anita Mui Dick Lee 1995
Dusty love song# David Lui Alex San  1995
Ba Ba, how are you? # Hacken Lee  C.Y. Kong 1996
(lyrics by C. Y. Kong and Richard Lam)      
Wait once more# Cass Phang May Chan 1996
Fresh pair of eyes# Daniel Chan Kenneth Fong 1996
Head spinning# Cass Phang Peter Lee 1996
Leading or supporting role# Hacken Lee  Anthony Lun 1996
Calcutta angel – Mother Teresa# Sammi Cheng 陳偉堅 (Chan Wai Kin) 1996
Reminiscence# Cass Phang Kahimi Karie 1996
Love returns# Sandy Lam Sandy Lam 1996
Because of you# Eric Moo Jonathan Koh, Peter Lee, Eric Moo 1996
Great actor# Hacken Lee  Phil Chang 1996
Without you, it's meaningless to win the world# Hacken Lee  Eric Moo 1996
Night windchimes# Cass Phang Peter Lee 1996
One midsummer# Gigi Leung 劉志遠 (Lau Chi Yuen) 1996
Weep# Sandy Lam Jonathan Lee 1996
Story of Sarah# Amy Chan Robert Seng 1996
Most thrilling kingdom# Aaron Kwok Conrad Wong 1996
Angel lady# Angel Chan Kenneth Fong 1996
Absolutely care about you# Andy Lau Dick Lee 1996
To the most beloved under another sky# Cass Phang Jimmy Ye 1996
The unbearable heaviness of love# Cass Phang Kevin Quah 1996
When I found you# Hacken Lee  Albert Yeung 1996
Blessed# Sally Yeh Philip Yin 1996
Candlelit night# Miriam Yeung C.Y. Kong 1996
Tranquil# Andy Lau Hiroshi Sugita 1996
Earth-shattering# Sammi Cheng Andrew Cheung 1996
Day by day# Gigi Leung Ben Cheung 1997
On your side for sure# Jordan Chan, Ekin Cheng Duck Lau 1997
Hundred million three thousand and eight days# Eric Suen  Ronald Ng 1997
Non-autonomous region# Julian Cheung Ben Cheung 1997
Eternal fire# Zen Martin Cheng 1997
Till the end of time# Amy Chan Tom Pan 1997
Dance of the phoenix# Anita Mui Anthony Lun 1997
Siblings# Andy Lau 曾敬翔 (Tsang King Cheung) 1997
Half a minute ago# Stephanie Che Alex San  1997
Good film ended early# Charlie Young Samantha Lam 1997
Uncomfortably free# Jacklyn Wu Duck Lau c.1997
Love is great because of you# Leon Lai Mark Lui 1997
Cornered# Jacky Cheung Dick Lee 1997
Mad# Jacky Cheung Dick Lee 1997
Blow up# George Lam George Lam 1997
Snake of the night# Anita Mui Anthony Lun 1997
Run towards future# Various from Capital Artists Jim Lau 1997
Gold-to-gold# Jacky Cheung Dick Lee 1997
In gold we trust# Jacky Cheung Dick Lee c.1997
Rage# Jacky Cheung Dick Lee 1997
Vagrant# Julian Cheung Ted Lo 1997
Shading tree# Jordan Chan Steve Wong 1997
The headwater near the peach trees# Andy Lau Mahmood Rumjahn 1997
True life# Andy Lau John Laudon 1997
Tea cup# Gigi Leung Kathryn Wong 1997
Naggin woman# Sally Yeh Patrick Tsang  1997
Veg soup# Hacken Lee  Eddie Ng  1997
Rumours# David Lui Jim Lau 1997
Love is eternal# Jacky Cheung Dick Lee 1997
Lights off# Zoe Ki Alex San  1997
War drums# Aaron Kwok C.Y. Kong, Joey Tang 1997
Mirror# David Lui Alex San  1997
Mirage of flower and moon# Anita Mui Anthony Lun 1997
Thunderstorm at 6:13pm# Steven Ma Barry Chung  1998
One shining moment# Jacky Cheung Brock Walsh 1998
One you, one me# Leon Lai Mark Lui  1998
The lying lover# Amanda Lee 史丹利 (Stanley) 1998
The unended song# Ronald Cheng Steve Chung 1998
Today Eason Chan Jim Lau 1998
Snowfall in June# Anthony Lun Anthony Lun 1998
There's no another# Eason Chan Jim Lau 1998
Heavenly fiction# Alan Tam Tom Pan 1998
Tip of iceberg# Kit Chan Tom Pan 1998
Carefree# Gigi Leung Chervun Liew, Paul Lee 1998
You're the days and nights of mine# Steven Ma Jim Lau 1998
Do you wanna# Jacky Cheung Jimmy Ye 1998
Long hair# Ekin Cheng Barry Chung  1998
Biting lip# Cass Phang Ben Cheung 1998
Time bottle# Priscilla Chan 洪堯斌 (Hung Yao Pin) 1998
Magical# Kit Chan Mark Lui  1998
Lovers or rivals barely differ# Alan Tam 陳志豪 (Chan Chi Ho) 1998
Throw the sports car at sea# Dry Mark Lui  1998
Black# Dry Stephen Fung 1998
Love out of lane# Alan Tam Steve Chung 1998
Sea of love# Andy Hui Mark Lui  1998
Things from that year# Aaron Kwok Davy Tam 1998
Unstoppable# Cass Phang 曹俊鴻 (Tsao Chun Hung) 1998
Keep it simple# George Lam George Lam 1998
Together# Ekin Cheng Davy Chan 1999
Three minutes# Edmond Leung Adrian Chan, Eddie Ng 1999
Next station…# Snowman Jerald Chan 1999
Normal heartbeats and breaths# Leslie Cheung Alan Tsui 1999
King of demon busters# Lillian Ho, Wayne Kwok, Nicholas Tse, Angela Yu Jon Chan 1999
Can't forget# Steven Ma Vicky Fung 1999
Every tomorrow# Eason Chan Jim Lau 1999
Spring, summer, fall, winter# Leslie Cheung Jimmy Ye 1999
Yesterday# Eason Chan May Chan 1999
Like running water and moving clouds# Priscilla Chan Kenneth Fong 1999
Exile# Jacky Cheung John Yuan 1999
Love you till can't feel the pain# Jacky Cheung Hanjin Tan 1999
Keep hovering# Eason Chan Jim Lau 1999
Millenium wish# Sandy Lam Edwin McCain 2000
Naivete# Louis Koo Duck Lau 2000
Hello, life# Daniel Chan Chan Fai Young 2000
Don't say love till end of time# Stephanie Che Kenneth Fong 2000
I'm grateful# Eason Chan Gonzalo Polar, Jorge Sabogal 2000
Eyebrows# Hacken Lee  Barry Chung  2000
Not feared# Aaron Kwok Chang Young Chin 2000
Hope you'll decide# Leslie Cheung 羅文聰 (Lo Wen Tsung) 2000
Like just started# Jacky Cheung 古皓 (Ku Hao) 2001
When fairy tales are no more# Jacky Cheung David Pomeranz, Dean Pitchford 2001
Love yourself# Alan Tam Richard Andersson 2001
Staring into the distance# Alan Tam Lowell Lo 2001
Mr Lonely, Miss Lonely# Samantha Lam Samantha Lam 2003
Cry...may I# Elisa Chan Albert Louis Hammond, Marti Sharron 2007