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  • The Chinese Mail reports: The 1st Exhibition of Chinese Products Chen Qi You advocated for local ...
    The Exhibition of Chinese Products was jointly organised by the CMA and various organisations who advocated more widespread use of Chinese products. The four-day event opened at St. Paul’s College at Glenealy in Central on 4th February 1938 with a ribbon-cutting ceremony officiated by the CMA’s Honorary President Dr. Robert Kotewall. An audience of more than 200 guests subsequently enjoyed a variety of entertainment activities. Local newspapers reported on not only the opening ceremony, but also the speeches from Chairman Yip Lan Chung and Honorary President Robert Kotewall. Local radio stations also broadcast programmes about the exhibition.
  • The Chinese Mail reports: The 1st Exhibition of Chinese Products closed yesterday; income be allo...
    After the closing of the 1st Exhibition of Chinese Products, manufacturers initiated the forming of the ‘Chinese Products Company Limited’ for promoting Chinese products. The aim was to coordinate both production and consumption. When the event closed, each exhibitor’s products were rated. The sales income of the 58 exhibitors on the event’s last day was decided to buy HK$2,000 government bonds. The remaining amount was then contributed to the Wounded Soldiers’ Gratuity Fund.