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Promotion of Manufacturers

The exhibitions have been a convenient and effective channel for exhibitor-manufacturers to promote their products and their brands to the spectators. Some of the manufacturers used this opportunity to boost up their sales of the year. To attract larger crowds of visitors, manufacturers have adopted various means to promote their brands and manufactured goods.

Besides printing advertisements in newspapers and magazines featuring pictures of their booths and products, manufacturers also organizes different types of activities to attract visitors.

Among these activities in the early exhibitions, activities organized by food manufacturers were most attractive. Chi Lung Preserved Ginger organized the Miss Preserved Ginger Pageant at the 6th Exhibition of Chinese Products (1948-1949); The Garden Company Ltd made a giant cake of 9-storey high to celebration the 9th Exhibition (1951-1952), which had become a hot discussion topic of the exhibition.

In the 1960s and 1970s, promotion strategies used by participating manufacturers became more and more diversified. One of these strategies includes hiring young ladies at the exhibition booths to take collar measurements for the male clients. Other promotional activities, such as fashion shows and visits of famous actors and actresses were also common at the exhibitions, all with an aim to attract more spectators.


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