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Biographical Notes of Chao Shao-an

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  • Ju Lian and his students at Lodge of the Zither of Moon Howling
    The painter Ju Lian (eighth from the right) and his students at the Lodge of the Zither of Moon Howling. The youngest student was Gao Jianfu (fifth from the left). Chao Shao-an's teacher Gao Qifeng learned from Gao Jianfu and indirectly from Ju Lian.
  • Gao Qifeng and his pupils at the exhibition in Guangzhou
    Gao Qifeng and his pupils at the exhibition of their works in Guangzhou on 12 June 1931. From the left: Zhou Yifeng, He Qiyuan, Chao Shao-an, Zhang Kunyi, Gao Qifeng, Ye Shaobing, Huang Shaoqiang. These pupils were known as the Disciples of Tianfeng Studio.
  • Chao Shao-an's mother
    Chao Shao-an held his mother in fond memory. She passed away in 1944. He named his studio Meng Xuan Tang to commemorate her.
  • Chao Shao-an and his students at Fanling
    Photo of Chao Shao-an (back row fifth from the left) and his students in the 1950s. Chao Shao-an organised frequent trips of outdoor sketching with his students. One destination was Fanling.
  • Chao Shao-an in Venice
    In 1954, Chao Shao-an exhibited in Lucerne, visited Geneva, then exhibited in Paris and Rome. Photo shows Chao Shao-an in Venice, Italy in 1954.
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