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  • Books

    Chen Qinfeng. The Artistic World of Yang Shanshen. Hong Kong: The Commercial Press, 2012.

    Tang Wai Hung (ed.). Anthology of Letters Collected in the Chunfeng Caotang. Hong Kong: Chunfeng Caotang, 1999.

    Zhao Shaoang, Li Xiongcai, Guan Shanyue and Yang Shanshen. Chinese Painting: Works Painted in Co-operation by Four Masters of the Lingnan School: Zhao Shaoang, Li Xiongcai, Guan Shanyue and Yang Shanshen. Hong Kong: Fung Ping Shan Museum, University of Hong Kong, 1983.

  • Essays

    Kao Mayching. ‘Gao Jianfu and Modern Chinese Ceramic Industry’. In Footsteps of the Master: In Commemoration of the 120th Birthday of Gao Jianfu. Wong Wingyin, Wendy (ed.). Hong Kong: Fareast Culture & Arts Exchange Centre, 2000.

    Tso Chi Hung. ‘A Concise History of Enameled Wares in Hong Kong’. In A Century of Change – Guangcai wares since the 19th century from Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. Guangdong Folk Arts Museum. Guangzhou: Lingnan Meishu Chubanshe, 2008.

  • Videos

    Good Morning Hong Kong. Hong Kong: Television and Broadcast Limited (19 March 1983).

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    “Porcelain and Painting”, Hong Kong Heritage Museum

    Chao Shao-an Gallery, Hong Kong Heritage Museum.

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