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  • Textiles
    The short report reviews the textiles industry in Hong Kong, with respect to its history, general condition of this industrys, imports of raw cotton, product types and quality and exports.
  • Sugar Refining
    The article presents the Taikoo Sugar Refining Co. Ltd., which was the only sugar refinery in Hong Kong at the time, with respect to its history, factory facilities, product types, and the latest development plans.
  • Embroideries
    This article reviews the embroidery industry in Hong Kong, with respect to craftsmanship, the range of workshops from cottage factories to enterprising firms, the use of British fabrics for embroidering, the application of embroidering on different types of clothes, and the future of this industry.
  • Cotton Spinning
    The article reviews the cotton spinning industry in Hong Kong. It provides figures of the machinery, output capacity and workers employed.
  • From Abacuses to Zip Fasteners
    This short report introduces the emergence of a new product – zip fasteners – to meet the growing needs in other industries.
  • Industrial Hong Kong
    This article was the review made by the Director of Commerce and Industry on the development of Hong Kong industry over a century since the 1840s.
  • New Hong Kong - The First Decade
    This article reviews the changes and developments of Hong Kong in the first decade after the World War II. It reviews the governmental initiatives in administration, public health, education, recreation and the provision of industrial land.
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