Transcending Space and Time – Early Cinematic Experience of Hong Kong
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  • Film still of Street Scene in Hong Kong (1898) (1)
    Shot by the Edison Company in 1898, The Edison Shorts contains six shorts that are indicated as the earliest moving images of Hong Kong. One of these is Street Scene in Hong Kong. The Paper Print Film Collection is stored at the Library of Congress in the US.
  • Film still of Hong Kong Sceneries (1930s) (1)
    Hong Kong Sceneries was taken in the 1930s, the copy was hidden at the bottom of a well by father of our donor Dolores Wang, so that it could escape from the fate of being burned by the Japanese military.
  • Film still of Sunrise (1952)
    Sunrise was filmed in 1952 by Michael Rogge, a Dutchman who worked in Hong Kong between 1949 and 1954.