Factories and Workshops. Factories and Workshops Regulations (1950 edition)

The stipulations of this Ordinance are based on the Ordinance No. 18 of 1937 and the Ordinance is represented as Chapter 59, section 5 of Hong Kong Laws of the 1950 edition. The Ordinance has two major sections: (1) Interpretation, with 3 subdivisions: (a) dangerous trades, (b) employment of persons in dangerous trades; (c) employment of women, young persons and children in industrial undertakings; (2) Factories and Workshops, with 6 subdivisions: (a) prevention of accidents; (b) restrictions on cleaning when machinery is in motion; (c) notification of accidents; (d) prevention of and escape from fire; (e) tenement factories; (f) offences and penalties. Appendix I is the form for "Register of Young Persons Employed in an Industrial Undertaking". Appendix II is the "Form of A application for Registration as a Factory or Workshop". Appendix III is the form for "Notification of Accident".

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Source Cap 59, pp.322-331, Factories and Workshops Regulation. Historical Laws of Hong Kong Online, Edition 1950.
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