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  • Prison Hospital Staff’s Responsibility
    The hospital staff was responsible for providing medical cares for the sick inmates round the clock. They also needed to conduct body examination for the newly admitted convicts and detainees.
  • Gynaecology in the Prison Hospital
    Ante-natal and post-natal cares were provided in female ward of the prison hospital, but babies are normally delivered in public hospitals.
  • The Victoria Prison Morgue
    The morgue was located on the ground floor of D Hall, for post-mortem examination of prisoners who died in prison.
  • Post-mortem Examination for the Deceased Prisoners
    The prison morgue was not in use for many years. Deceased prisoners now would be sent to public mortuary for post-mortem examination. All deaths inside prison should be reported to the Coroner to hold an inquest.
  • Prison Morgue Table
    The prison morgue used a mosaic table with drains to cool the body during post-mortem examination as there was no air-conditioning system in Victoria Prison.
  • Dry Earth System of the Victoria Gaol
    Dry Earth System and night buckets were used in Victoria Gaol cells and dormitories in the early days for the disposal of sewage and excreta. However, the soil on the Hong Kong Island could not absorb the urine and caused bad smell.