Ho Sau: Poetic Photography of Daily Life
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  • Headmaster of Man Fan School
    Ho Sau’s uncle, also the founder and superintendent of Man Fan Secondary School. He was passionate about Chinese literature and also taught Chinese literature. He was Ho Sau’s uncle; all teachers of Man Fan Secondary School came from this family.
  • My Father
    A corner of a room in an old tenement house in Shum Shui Po. In the picture is Ho Sau's father reading a newspaper.
  • Evil Intention
    A kitten at the corner of a cubicle apartment at Tai Nan Street. Ho Sau visited his friend in his cubicle apartment and saw a kitten staring at the dried meats hanging from the kitchen door from a nearby cardboard box. The photo was named “Evil Intention”.
  • Open Market
    A hawker selling plates at the open-air market at Poplar Street, Shum Shui Po. The market was rarely frequented by vehicles and on both sides of the pavement were booths for licensed hawkers. Other spaces were often taken by unlicensed hawkers. In the morning and evening the hawkers had to pay protection fees, even those with licenses. After the founding of the ICAC, protection fees were no longer charged but the unlicensed hawkers often had to escape from the hawker control. Later the municipal buildings were built and the hawkers moved in to continue their business, and the scene became a thing of the past. At that time the citizens were all loosely dressed and not westernized. Water weed was used to tie goods and housewives brought baskets to markets, both were environment-friendly acts.
  • Reading
    Children reading comics at a corner of Lei Cheng Uk Estate. In the old days comics featured line drawings to attract children. The photo was taken at Block R of Lei Cheng Uk Estate, reminding one of the English word “Reading”. The child who was reading while standing made an interesting contrast with the seated reading adults.
  • Watch Out!
    Children playing on the stairs. The older kid helped the younger one climb the beam, then followed suit. There was little room left and the climb was tough. The place was a supporting beam beneath the stairs and was formed in an “H” shape. It was a playing space frequented by children
  • Chase
    Running children. The subject ran down the carriageway to catch up with the person dressed in black. It was a dangerous move! The curved framing was indicated by the railing and the tire marks; the girl’s image was blurred to show the movement creating a contrast with the secondary subject.