The first visit of Queen Elizabeth II to Hong Kong

Now the Queen has appeared. She is wearing a white dress with green prints and a white hat decorated with green feathers. Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh) is following closely behind her and coming down the steps. They wave at the welcoming crowd. Now, the governor is welcoming the Queen and shaking her hand. He introduced his wife, who curtsies to the Queen. They speak briefly, and the Queen slowly moves forwards. The first to greet her are the Commander of British Forces Sir Edwin Bramall and his wife. The Queen exchanges a few words with them. Then come the Chief Justice, Sir Geoffrey Briggs, and the Colonial Secretary, Mr Denys Roberts. Next are several Chinese VIPs. Sir Yuet-Keung Kan, Senior Executive Councillor, and his wife are now greeting the Queen. The wives of both Sir Yuet-keung Kan and Dr Sze-yuen Chung are wearing Chinese-styled qipao and they both curtsy to the Queen. Following the Queen is her entourage: the royal officials and staff, who are all chatting among themselves. A saloon has been arranged for the Queen. The royal fleet will follow this order: the first car will carry the staff of Government House and the second will carry a security detachment. The third car is the royal saloon. The Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Queen’s attendant will ride in this royal saloon, followed by more security officers. Next will be the car carrying the governor, his wife and aides-de-camp. The sixth car will carry the Queen’s female attendants, Her Majesty’s personal secretary and the Duke’s security officers. There are only four cars waiting at the airport now. The door is opened for the Queen and she steps gracefully into the saloon.

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